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The Bandit X Trail Pro is a soon-to-be-released dual motor, dual battery, and dual suspension moped-style fat tire electric bike from a promising new brand. Designed to take your off-road adventures to the next level, the X Trail Pro combines advanced technology with exceptional performance, making it a compelling choice for thrill-seeking riders. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Motor & Performance

The Bandit X Trail Pro features dual motors, delivering impressive power and performance. The rear motor generates 1000W, while the front motor provides 750W. You can use the dual motor system in three ways; either use the front or rear motor solo, use auto mode, or use both motors at the same time in max mode. The ‘max’ mode lets you conquer challenging terrains, tackle steep inclines, and glide through all sorts of riding conditions.

The X Trail Pro offers both throttle and pedal assist, with seven levels in the latter to let you customize the amount of assistance you receive. Whether you prefer a gentle boost or an exhilarating ride, the 7-level PAS system will have the mode you want. As for the top speed, the brand claims an astonishing 42mph on pedal-assist and 38mph on throttle. Even if you get 75% of the claimed performance, you can expect a truly adrenaline-pumping experience.

bandit x trail pro electric bike review

Photo Credit: Bandit

Battery & Range

The Bandit X Trail Pro e-bike is equipped with a dual battery system, offering a maximum claimed range of 120 miles on a single charge (don’t forget that range estimates are always made under average riding conditions). Whether you’re embarking on an all-day adventure or using it for your daily commute, the combined battery capacity of 1680Wh is sure to give you the freedom to explore without worrying about running out of power.

Charging will also be a breeze, thanks to the included 48V 4A charger, that can recharge a battery in 5 hours. Since the bike comes with a single charger, it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to charge just one battery at a time. Thankfully, you have the convenience of removable batteries. With one battery placed beneath the seat and the other on the downtube, you can easily swap them out for charging.

Brake & Suspension

The Bandit X Trail Pro electric bike prioritizes rider safety and comfort with its exceptional brake and suspension system. The hydraulic brakes, featuring 180mm front and rear brake rotors, are sure to deliver reliable stopping power. Whether you’re navigating steep descents or need to make quick stops, these brakes will ensure precise control and responsiveness even in the most demanding road (or off-road) conditions.

To further enhance your riding experience, the X Trail Pro features dual suspension and 20×4″ fat tires. The dual suspension system can absorb all shocks and vibrations (the front fork, especially). The padded giant saddle and bumpy fat tires will also help with comfort. The tires will also help with traction due to their generous width and widened contact patch, allowing you to tackle uneven surfaces, loose gravel, and sandy trails with ease. 

Photo Credit: Bandit

Display & Accessories

The Bandit X Trail Pro is equipped with a mid-mounted smart color display, offering a user-friendly interface to enhance your riding experience. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair your smartphone to access additional features and control your e-bike settings. You can also use the Bandit Plus app to customize ride modes, monitor usage statistics, and adjust various parameters to suit your preferences.

The display provides essential information at a glance, including average speed, distance traveled, ride time, and more. You can also conveniently control the PAS level and adjust your headlight settings. Additionally, you have the option to customize everything down to unit preferences and brightness levels for a fully personalized experience. You also have a USB port to charge your electronic devices on the go. 

Frame & Build

Crafted with a robust 6061 aluminum step-thru frame, the Bandit X Trail Pro strikes a perfect balance between strength and maneuverability. The step-thru design enhances accessibility, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting, particularly useful for riders of all ages and mobility levels. I’m not particularly a fan of moped-style ebikes, but this Bandit electric bike is not about looks…. It’s about performance.

Weighing at 55kg (understandably), the Bandit X Trail Pro is undoubtedly way too heavy. So heavy in fact that I doubt anyone will pedal this thing at all. But thankfully, you have a really well-balanced distribution of weight for a stable and controlled ride. The X Trail Pro also features front and rear fenders to protect you from dirt, mud, and splashes… as well as a front LED lamp, rear light, and turn signals to enhance visibility and safety at night.

Security Features

The Bandit X Trail Pro goes above and beyond to safeguard your e-bike with plenty of advanced security features. With password protection, you can set a 4-digit passcode that acts as a barrier, disabling the pedal assist until the correct code is entered. This added layer of security ensures that only authorized riders can activate the e-bike, providing peace of mind, especially when parking in public spaces.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) tag adds another level of security. By using a bindable key-card, you can effortlessly unlock your Bandit electric bike, making it convenient for daily use while preventing unauthorized access. Moreover, if someone tries to tamper with any security feature, you’ll receive a notification, allowing you to take immediate action and potentially prevent the loss of your bike.

Photo Credit: Bandit

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Bandit X Trail Pro is a remarkable e-bike that excels in power, versatility, and control. Its dual battery system and impressive range ensure that you can embark on lengthy adventures without worrying about running out of power. The dual motors offer exceptional performance, while the pedal-assist system allows for a truly customizable riding experience. 

You also have numerous top-shelf components including hydraulic brakes, an extremely versatile LCD, and some pretty advanced security features. Factoring all that, the $2,699 tag seems more than reasonable to me. However, if you want something in a lower price bracket, make sure to check out these top picks under $2,000, $1,000, or even $500!

In case you’re looking for a budget alternative to the X Trail Pro, do check out my review of the Engwe M20. The M20 is also a moped-style fat tire electric bike – but it offers an insane value for money compared to the X Trail Pro (or any other electric bike on market). If you want to miss the review and just explore the product, you can do that too… See you!


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