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Actbest is a new brand currently offering two ebikes, a sleek city commuter and a stylish fat tire ebike. The latter, known as the ‘Actbest Pioneer,’ is a Class 3 electric bike with plenty of features, including hydraulic brakes, dual suspension, and color LCD, and a super-affordable price tag. Before I put this promising new ebike to test, let’s have a brief look at what it offers.

Massive Battery

One of the main highlights of the Actbest Pioneer is its massive 48V 20Ah (960Wh) lithium battery, which stands out in the class. The bike comes with a 3A charger, which reduces its charging time to 6 hours. Another good thing is that the battery is UL-certified. According to the brand’s claims, the Pioneer can cover a max distance of 50 miles on throttle mode and up to 80 miles on PAS mode on flat terrain and with a rider weight of 145lbs. Well, the battery is big but not enormous enough, and the stated figures look overinflated to me. Nevertheless, my curiosity is piqued, and I am eager to put the Pioneer to the test in real-world conditions. I have included this bike on my list and intend to provide a comprehensive review very soon. 

actbest pioneer ebike

Powerful Hub Motor

The Actbest Pioneer e-bike is equipped with a robust 1300W brushless motor, situated in the rear hub. The brand doesn’t specify torque output and also confuses nominal output with peak output at many places. Anyways, according to them, the Pioneer can attain an impressive top speed of 32mph and conquer slopes with inclines up to 35 degrees. Considering the 84lbs weight of the bike, I find it hard to believe that the Pioneer will effortlessly reach such high speeds, but it seems more realistic to expect it to manage a Class 3 speed of 28mph. Or maybe it can also manage 32mph with a slim rider.

Styling & Exterior

For riders who admire a minimalist industrial appearance, the Pioneer presents itself as a bold statement piece that they would gladly embrace. It has beefy aesthetics and a distinctive look – most notably due to its round top tube that cleverly hides the battery inside. The wiring is as neat as possible and the finishing is top notch. You also have brown leather covered saddle and handlebars that give the bike a truly premium look. The turn indicators, the large moto headlight, and the dual fenders further complement the styling.

Frame & Storage

As far as the frame is concerned, the most significant drawback is the overwhelming weight of 84lbs – which means it won’t be easy pedaling this thing without motor assistance. On the bright side, the bike does have a recommended rider weight capacity of 350lbs, accommodating a wide range of riders. Moreover, the Pioneer also boasts a sturdy cargo rack capable of holding up to 120lbs (according to the brand). The bike also has a thoughtfully designed bottom basket for additional storage.

Brakes & Tires

The Actbest Pioneer electric bike is equipped with dual hydraulic brakes, which seems reasonable for a bike of its specifications and weight, especially considering its Class 3 capabilities. The hydraulic brakes are sure to offer responsive stopping performance, but the brand doesn’t specify any details about the brand or the rotor size. Additionally, the Pioneer features CST 20×4″ tires that are designed to handle various terrains, making them all-terrain ready. These wide and rugged tires are sure to provide excellent traction and stability, allowing the bike to navigate different surfaces with ease, whether it’s on city streets, gravel paths, or even light off-road trails.

actbest pioneer electric bike

Suspension & Transmission

The Actbest Pioneer boasts a full suspension system to enhance the riding experience. The front end has a lockable and adjustable hydraulic shock absorber, while the rear has a coil-spring absorber. The brand doesn’t specify the suspension travel, brand, or any other details, but from the looks of it, the front fork seems pretty solid. The rear shock looks more like a marketing gimmick (with a no-name brand and minimal travel), but that’s the case with almost every sub-$2,000 ebike. Moving on, the Pioneer has a seven-speed Shimano transmission which too is standard for any bike in this price range.

Other Features

Among other features, the Actbest Pioneer ebike has a mid-mounted color display that offers easy access to essential information while riding. This display is not only visually appealing but also practical, and also has a USB charging port to keep your devices charged on the go. In addition to that, the Pioneer is equipped with a powerful moto-styled headlight that provides long-distance illumination as well as integrated rear/brake light for nighttime riding. It also has dual turn indicators, electric horn, dual fenders, multiple reflectors, and a sturdy kickstand

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Actbest Pioneer electric bike boasts an array of impressive features, including a powerful brushless motor, a massive 48V 20Ah lithium battery, hydraulic brakes, and versatile 4″ all-terrain tires. The inclusion of a color LCD, integrated head and tail lights with turn signals, and a sturdy rear rack further enhance its overall appeal. The bike also has a stylish exterior with a glossy finish and generous leather use.

Despite its many positive attributes, the bike’s substantial 84lbs weight may discourage those seeking a more agile and lightweight electric bike. Despite being equipped with pedals and seven-speed gears, it’s highly improbable that anyone would actually use them due to the bike’s massive weight. Pedaling such a heavy machine would require a lot of effort, and most riders would likely rely solely on the electric motor. 

Final Verdict

Nonetheless, considering all factors, the Pioneer remains a great option for riders in search of a robust and stylish electric bike. Its competitive price of $1,399 makes it a compelling choice, considering the value and the features it offers. Still, if this tag is too much for you and you want to explore more options, don’t forget to check out my recommended ebike picks under $1,000 or under $500. Happy riding, and I look forward to seeing you again!


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