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Cowboy’s latest e-bikes, the 4 and 4ST, have received a new ‘adaptive power’ feature via a software update on 9th March 2022. 

Cowboy’s New ‘Adaptive Power’ Feature

The new ‘adaptive power’ feature allows the Cowboy e-bikes to automatically adjust their motor output in response to any resistance encountered during the ride, such as strong winds, steep hills, or heavy loads. According to the manufacturer, the feature will work regardless of riding speed

The new feature is a significant technological advancement that will set Cowboy e-bikes apart from other belt-driven single-speed e-bikes in the market. Unlike typical single-speed e-bikes that offer no ride customization, the adaptive power feature will intelligently adjust the ride on-the-go to tackle different challenges.

What Does it Mean for Single-Speed E-Bikes?

In typical single-speed e-bikes, riders rely solely on their own pedaling strength to overcome any resistance encountered during the ride (as they can’t benefit from the mechanical advantage of gears), which can be exhausting… and can limit their ability to ride long distances or in challenging environments.

But with Cowboy’s new ‘adaptive power’ feature, its e-bikes will automatically detect any resistance encountered during the ride and adjust the power output of the motor accordingly. So, the riders will no longer have to rely on their own pedaling strength to tackle these challenges and can enjoy a more effortless and enjoyable ride.

Will this new adaptive power feature give Cowboy’s e-bikes an edge over other belt-driven single-speed e-bikes in the market? Well, we will find out soon!

Cowboy’s Budget Alternative

Cowboy’s 4-series e-bikes are known for their premium quality and advanced features, but with a starting price of $2,990/ €2,990, they may be too costly for some riders. Luckily, there are a few affordable options on the market that have similar specs and features.

Tenways CGO800S. Photo Credit: Tenways

One such alternative is Tenways, which offers e-bikes with the same torque-sensing powertrain and single-speed belt drive as Cowboy’s 4-series. Tenways bikes also have a sleek and modern design, featuring internal wiring and a glossy finish. And they are also as lightweight as Cowboy — the Tenways CGO600 is, in fact, 3kg (7bs) lighter than the Cowboy’s 4-series.

Does Tenways Offer a Better Deal?

While Cowboy’s e-bikes come with advanced features such as ‘adaptive power’ and wireless phone charging, these options may not be a priority for every rider. For those who are willing to forego these additional features as well as the Cowboy brand name, Tenways offers a great ‘value for money’ alternative that can provide a similar riding experience at HALF the price.

If you want to learn more about Tenways e-bikes, be sure to check out my in-depth review of their lineup here!


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