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It’s so cheap, so functional… and so fun to ride. Lots of power, great acceleration, and excellent range. All in all, it is a true sensation… and is perfect for nipping around town and getting the job done.

Engwe T14

$499 (Amazon US)

Engwe has already made a name for itself in the budget-friendly e-bike category. However, the Engwe T14 takes the affordability factor to a whole new level. It’s a steal at $499.

As an avid cyclist, I have always been curious about the T14 electric bike. I had heard mixed reviews about this seemingly tiny bike, and I recently got the chance to put it to the test. Despite my initial doubts, I was left absolutely amazed by its performance. I couldn’t believe how powerful it was, how well it rode, and how much load it could endure, considering its compact size. 

So today, I will share my experience with the Engwe T14 and give you a detailed breakdown of its features and performance.

Engwe T14 Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Excellent range
Great load capability
Comes with fenders
Cast-rim wheel
Battery not placed securely
No foot pegs for rear rider
Not suitable for taller riders

Performance Review

The Engwe T14 has a 350W brushless hub motor backed by a 48V 10Ah power source. The bike can be operated in throttle. During my testing, the bike’s performance exceeded all my expectations. The motor provided ample power, and I was able to hit a top speed of 18.7mph. It performed great on uphill, had smooth acceleration, and was agile to handle. 

The range in particular was surprisingly adequate (way more than adequate tbh) for the price tag. It exceeded the manufacturer’s claimed figure and we simply couldn’t imagine that Engwe was offering so much in so little. Even more surprising was when I rode this tiny bike with my colleague… and it was able to decently haul us from A to B with speed up to 15mph. That being said, let’s now have a detailed look at the individual performance tests.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 25 kph)
Hold On
Braking Distance (25 to 0 kph)

Top Speed

The top speed of the Engwe T14 e-bike was tested under various conditions. With a rider weight of 150 lbs, the bike was able to achieve a top speed of 19.9mph on a 5-degree downhill slope and 17.65mph on a 5-degree uphill slope. On flat terrain, the bike was able to achieve a top speed of around 18.2mph. And don’t forget that we’re talking about throttle speeds, as the bike does not offer PAS. Although it did not meet the manufacturer’s claimed top speed of 19.2mph, it was still quite good.


The Engwe T14 provides a smooth, steady and decent acceleration without the pushback feeling commonly experienced with higher voltage e-bikes. While it may not be the most impressive in terms of power output, the bike is able to get you off to a good start and pick up speed pretty quickly. The 30Nm torque is also quite good for the price point. 

Hill Climb

The Engwe T14 handled inclines surprisingly well. It was able to smoothly get a rider weighing 150lbs through uphill inclines of 10-15 degrees from 0 km/h. Yes, it may not be the most powerful e-bike on the market, but for the price point, the bike’s performance on hills was beyond respectable.


The Engwe T14 features a 48V 10Ah battery, which is a decent capacity for an e-bike in this price range. Although there is no information provided regarding the battery brand used, the bike performed well during the range tests. In fact, it exceeded our expectations. 

During our initial testing, the bike covered 27.3miles (44km) on flat terrain in normal wind conditions when it was ridden by a colleague who weighs 140lbs. The range is extremely impressive, considering the capacity of the battery. It even exceeds the manufacturer’s claimed 22miles (35km) mark, which is always a pleasant surprise for any buyer.

To confirm the result, the range was tested again under similar conditions as the first test. This time, the bike covered 29.3 miles (47.2km) in a trip that lasted 1 hour and 55 minutes, with an average speed of 15.3mph (24.6km/h). It is worth noting that the range of an e-bike depends on various factors such as rider weight, type of terrain, degree of incline, and wind conditions, and a heavier person may not get the same result as we did with a 140lbs rider.

Ride Quality

The Engwe T14 is not meant for tall riders. As a 6ft person, I found the riding position to be extremely tight and cramped. Even though the seat height is adjustable, I didn’t have enough leg length. I could only pedal if I sat in the rear seat. The handlebar height is also adjustable to allow greater customization to the rider’s preference, but still, the T14 is suitable only for short riders, ideally for 5ft folks.

The power delivery was responsive, the small tires made cornering relatively easy, and the bike was easy to maneuver in tight spaces. However, at high speeds, sudden movement of the handlebar causes wobbling, which can be inconvenient. The battery is also not very securely placed and tends to make clicking noises on bumpy roads. 

The overall ride quality was smooth on asphalt but not very good on grass patches, bumps, and minor potholes… despite the bike appearing to have four suspensions. It is clear that the bike was not designed for off-road riding and should be limited to urban roads. The big, cushy saddle was very comfortable. All in all, the T14 is best used for short commutes around the city.

engwe t14 seat


The Engwe T14 e-bike comes with 160mm dual mechanical disc brakes, which provide way more stopping power than a bike of this size may need. The bike is also equipped with power-off levers, which cut off power to the motor and can be really useful when the rider needs to stop quickly. During our testing, the bike came to a halt from an initial speed of 15.5 mph (25kmh) in around 3.18 meters,  and it stopped from its top speed of 18.7mph 30.2km/h within 3.86-4 meters.

engwe t14 front brake


The Engwe T14 e-bike is equipped with a quad suspension system, consisting of a front mechanical fork, a central hydraulic shock, dual saddle shocks, and dual rear shocks. Don’t get your hopes too high, though!

The suspension system is basic and not very effective on rough terrain. Both the front and rear shocks have negligible travel. The front fork is obviously neither adjustable nor lockable… and the rest of the shocks don’t provide any comfort on rough or uneven terrain. The suspension system feels cheap and the bike is only suitable for city roads. I mean it couldn’t even handle grass or minor potholes, let alone rough terrains.

engwe t14 suspension fork

Engwe T14

$499 on Amazon

*Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

Engwe T14 Features


The T14 is built with an iron frame and therefore weighs 28.5kg (63 lbs).  The bike has a load rating of 100kg (220 lbs) from the manufacturer… but during my testing, I rode it with my colleague and our collective weight was around 131kg (290 lbs). To our surprise, the bike handled all that weight really well. Likewise, as per my testing, the rear seat could endure 68kg (150 lbs) of weight with ease. 


The Engwe T14 is an excellent choice for those looking for a budget-friendly electric bike. Engwe is already known for producing affordable bikes, but the T14 truly takes things to the next level. At just $499 on Amazon, it’s a steal. For Europe €549, for first-time buyers, there is an additional €50 off, giving buyers an even more insane value for money. 

Truth be told, it’s hard to find another electric bike that can compete with the T14’s performance and features (such as cast rim wheels and rear seat) at such a low price point. For those on a budget, the Engwe T14 is an excellent option that won’t break the bank.


The Engwe T14 electric bike is foldable, making it easy to store or transport. It’s already pretty compact at 125x52x106cm/ 49.2×20.4×41.7″, and when you fold it down, it goes down to an even smaller size measuring 70x47x60cm/ 27.5×18.5×23.6″. In case you need to pack your ride in a car trunk or store in a small space, the T14 will be very convenient. 


Styling is obviously not the strongest point of the Engwe T14. The bike’s design is not particularly sleek or stylish, but rather utilitarian in nature. In fact, it’s so utilitarian that it looks awkward and unwieldy… especially when ridden from the saddle. It feels less awkward when you ride it from the rear seat (which is also the only practicable option for taller riders like me). However, the T14 does have some features, such as cast rims, dual fenders, and a cushioned rear seat, that add to its overall appearance. 

engwe t14

Battery Pack

The battery pack on this bike is removable, making it easy to take out and charge separately. It is also lockable, providing added security for the battery. The charging time for the battery is around 6-8 hours, which is fairly standard for e-bikes in this price range. My biggest concern was that the battery didn’t feel placed very securely, and it made clicking noises on bumpy roads. 

Battery Monitor

The Engwe T14 does not have an LCD display. It instead has a battery indicator with three dots. While it may not provide as much information as a typical LCD instrument, the battery indicator is still useful for keeping track of how much battery life you have left.

engwe t14 display


As the name T14 suggests, the bike comes equipped with small 14″ tires that measure 2.125″ in width and have a street tread for city use. The tires provide good traction in an urban environment and help increase ride efficiency. They’re obviously not very good at rolling over obstacles and therefore struggle with bumps and potholes.

engwe t14 motor


The T14 has a bright front lamp, which is great for illuminating your path at night. However, it does not have a rear brake light – you only have a rear reflector plate. Sure, having a rear light improves visibility and safety while riding at night, but you really can’t complain when you consider the tag of the bike.

engwe t14 light


The Engwe T14 e-bike, like other Engwe bikes, has an IP2 rating, which means it is protected from dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees. While this is not the highest level of protection, it can provide some peace of mind when riding in wet conditions. Overall, you should avoid riding it in heavy rain.


Like other Engwe bikes, the motor, controller, frame, battery, and LCD are covered for 12 months… and the drivetrain components, such as the derailleur, chain, and cassette are covered for 6 months. Riders are suggested to consult Engwe’s official website for more coverage details. 

Additional Accessory

The T14 comes with one-piece cast wheels, full-length fenders, a cushioned rear seat, a mechanical bell, and a kickstand. The fenders, rear seat, and kickstand surely enhance the riding experience and make the bike more functional for everyday use…. but the bell seemed pretty useless to me. The cast rims are also better than spokes as they somewhat reduce your maintenance drill.

engwe t14 rear seat

Rear Seat

That’s right! We managed to utilize the rear seat, even without the missing foot pegs (it does provide installation points though).

Wanna know how we managed it? You need to get your rollerblades ready, but if you don’t, you need to have the rear passenger’s foot on the pedal and have the front passenger use the suspension fork as foot pegs, as we demonstrate in this picture, better cuddling!

Engwe T14 Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the Engwe T14 in a similar budget range

Engwe T14 vs DYU D3F

The Engwe T14’s main competitor, the DYU D3F, comes at a slightly higher price, and still has a smaller battery. It also does not come with the front and rear suspension as the T14. However, on the upside, it weighs less than the T14 at 17kg and is quite easy to move around.

Engwe T14 vs Jetson J5

The Jetson J5 is not as budget-friendly as the T14 (EU) but, like the D3F, it also weighs in at 17kg. As for the downsides, it has a very small 5Ah battery and misses suspension, which may translate to poor ride quality compared to the T14.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

Engwe T14 DYU D3F Jetson J5
Motor 250W EU, 350W US 250W 350W
Top Speed 18.7mph/30.2kph 15.5mph/25kph 15.5mph/25kph
Battery 480Wh 360Wh 180Wh
Range 29.3miles/47km 28miles/45km 15.5miles/25km
Weight 28.5kg/63lbs 17kg/38lbs 17kg/38lbs
Suspension Quad Only saddle shocks NA
Price €499/ $499 €519 $599


After testing the T14, I can confidently say that it provides incredible value at its price point. Despite its low cost, it offered an impressive amount of power and acceleration. A blast to ride and perfect for navigating on urban streets. Additionally, the range was beyond exceptional (for the tag and the battery).

Yes, there are a few areas that could be improved. First of all, the battery could be more securely placed as it felt wobbly over bumps. Secondly, the bell that comes with the bike was not useful, and I would suggest removing it altogether. Finally, it would have been helpful if the bike came with foot pegs for the rear rider (luckily the bike did leave the holes to install them).

All in all, I am thoroughly impressed with the insane value that this bike offers. This thing is too much fun to ride… and considering the tag, I would call it a true sensation. When a bike is €2,000, everything you see is a problem, but when a bike is only €500, everything you see is a shining point. So, if you are a short rider looking for a budget-friendly option for getting around town, the T14 is definitely worth considering!

Engwe T14 FAQs

Is the Engwe T14 fit for a heavy rider?

The Engwe T14 has a manufacturer’s load rating of 100kg (220 lbs), but it can handle way more. I took it for a spin with my colleague, and we weighed around 131kg (290 lbs) combined. To our surprise, the bike handled all that weight really well, with no issues whatsoever. 

How much does the Engwe T14 weigh?

The Engwe T14 e-bike weighs 28.5kg(63 lbs) due to its iron frame. The T14’s weight is too much on the heavier side, and most of its rivals weigh less than 20kg.

Can the Engwe T14 be used on rough terrain?

No, the T14 is only suitable for city roads. The suspension system is as basic as it can get. Both the front and rear shocks have negligible travel, and they don’t provide any comfort on rough or uneven terrain.

What’s the recommended rider height for the T14?

According to Engwe, the T14 is suitable for riders with heights ranging from 5.0-6.2ft (153-188cm), but that’s not the case. This bike is not meant for tall riders. As a 6ft person, I found the riding position to be extremely tight. Even though the seat height is adjustable, I didn’t have enough leg length and could only pedal if I sat in the rear seat.

Engwe T14 Manufacturer's Specs

  • Motor: 250W brushless hub
  • Max speed: 25km/h
  • Max climbing: 10°
  • Riding modes: 2 (Cycling & Throttle)
  • Battery: 48V 10Ah 
  • Max Range: 35km (electric mode)
  • Charging time: 6-8 hrs
  • Brakes: 160mm dual mechanical disc
  • Suspension: Quad (front mechanical fork, central hydraulic shock, dual saddle shocks, dual rear shocks)
  • Frame material: Iron
  • Max load: 100kg (220lbs)
  • Display: NA (Battery Indicator)
  • Tire size: 14×2.125″ on-road
  • Rider height: 5.0-6.2ft (153-188cm)
  • Product weight: 28.5kg (63lbs)
  • Unfolded size: 125x52x106cm/ 49.2×20.4×41.7″
  • Folded size: 70x47x60cm/ 27.5×18.5×23.6″


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