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A folding ebike is a compact electric bicycle that can be folded down for easy storage and transport. Thanks to their insane portability, folding ebikes are extremely convenient for urban commuting and travel. However, with countless options on the market, it can be difficult to find the right option for you. Well, worry no more! We’ve done your work for you, and have shortlisted the best folding electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

We will thoroughly cover the strengths and limitations of each bike on  the list, so that you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences. The high-end folding ebikes sure have many fancy features, but you’ll be surprised at how much value you can get from these affordable folding ebikes under $1000. So, let’s explore!

Best Foldable Electric Bikes Under 1000

Ecotric 20”

Award: Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000

best folding ebikes under 1000


  • Range: 36 miles (58km)
  • Weight: 56lbs (25kg)
  • Wheel Size: 20”
  • Motor: 36V 500W
  • Battery: 36V 12.5Ah
  • Top speed: 20mph (32km/h)


  • Push mode available
  • Shimano 7-speed derailleur
  • Adjustable handlebar, seat & pedals
  • Comes with a security lock


  • Long charging time (6-8 hrs)
  • No suspension
  • Low payload capacity (220lbs)

Best Deal

The Ecotric 20″ Fat boasts a robust 36V 500W brushless geared rear hub motor, ensuring ample torque for conquering steep hills and challenging terrains. Paired with a 36V 12.5Ah Lithium-ion battery, it offers an impressive range of up to 36 miles (58km) at a top speed of 20mph (32km/h).

Thanks to the adjustable handlebar, seat, and pedals, you can easily achieve a comfortable and personalized riding experience. The quick folding frame design takes portability to the next level, allowing you to conveniently store the bike in tight spaces with ease. But the bike’s standout feature is its 20×4-inch all-terrain fat tires. These 4-inch anti-skid tires provide unbeatable traction on various surfaces like snow, sand, dirt, mud, and gravel.

For added convenience and security, the Ecotric 20″ Fat comes with a security lock, safeguarding your investment while parked. Moreover, the booster mode, enabling you to push the bike at 3.7mph (6km/h), is a thoughtful addition for those moments when you need an extra boost. 

Despite its numerous advantages, there are a couple of downsides to consider as well. The bike’s charging time is on the higher end, taking approximately 6-8 hours. It also doesn’t have suspension. But if you intend to use it for urban riding (and a bit of off roading, maybe), you can’t get a better bike for just over $600. It’s hands down the best folding electric bike under 1000 dollars on the market rn!

Buy Ecotric 20″ Fat from Amazon

Heybike Mars

Award: Best Folding Fat Tire Ebike Under 1000

best foldable electric bike under 1000 dollars


  • Range: 37-48 miles (60-77km)
  • Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Wheel Size: 20”
  • Motor: 48V 500W 
  • Battery: 48V 12.5Ah 
  • Top speed: 20mph (32km/h) – Class 2


  • Integrated rear rack, rated at 100lbs
  • 7-speed Shimano transmission
  • Front shock absorbing fork
  • Quick folding aluminum frame
  • Detachable battery with USB port
  • Stunning 330lbs payload capacity


  • Weight is a bit on higher end

Best Deal 

The Heybike Mars fat tire eBike delivers exceptional value, far exceeding its modest price tag. Equipped with a robust 500W brushless geared rear hub motor and a 48V 12.5Ah Lithium battery unit, this eBike exhibits ample torque for conquering uphill terrain, while the battery’s substantial capacity promises extended and exciting adventures.

Operating as a Class 2 eBike, the Mars has a maximum speed of 20mph (32km/h). The pedal-assist mechanism utilizes a 12-magnet cadence sensor, ensuring a highly responsive ride. Moving on, you have a Shimano 7-speed transmission to finetune your power delivery… and reliable disc brakes for a safe riding experience.

While the rear lacks suspension, the front fork and seat post spring help absorb bumps from uneven terrain. The 20×4” fat tires also help with cushioning the impacts, and ensuring smooth navigation across diverse surfaces, including rocks, dirt, mud, gravel, snow, and sand. The Mars  also has a sturdy build, which allows it to accommodate up to 330lbs of payload. 

Among other features, you have a removable battery pack featuring a USB port, integrated front and rear lights, fenders for both ends, an elegant LCD screen, a cargo rack, and even an electric horn. For me, it is the best folding fat tire electric bike under 1000 dollars on the market right now!

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Lectric XP Lite

Award: Best Folding City Ebike Under $1000


  • Range: 40 miles (72km) max
  • Weight: 46lbs (21kg)
  • Wheel Size: 20”
  • Motor: 48V 300W (700W peak) 
  • Battery: 48V 7.8Ah 
  • Top speed: 20mph (32km/h) – Class 2


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Hidden yet removable battery
  • IP65-rated components
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Comes with a free bike lock 
  • Phone mount & charging port 


  • No suspension
  • Single speed gear 

Best Deal

The Lectric XP Lite is a budget-friendly alternative to the iconic Lectric XP 2.0 folding ebike. The XP Lite maintains the core attributes of its pricier counterpart while boasting a lighter, more maneuverable design priced just over $800.

At a mere 46 pounds, transporting it between locations is a breeze. The 300W brushless hub motor, while not the most potent, provides ample power for a respectable journey from point A to B. And the 7.8Ah Lithium-ion powerpack stands out for its remarkable efficiency relative to its size, granting an impressive maximum range of 35-40 miles on the lowest pedal assist setting.

For urban commutes, the XP Lite shines brilliantly. However, it may not be the best option to take off the road due to various reasons. To begin, it employs single-speed gears, limiting your ability to adjust for ascents and descents. The absence of suspension further compounds this limitation. But as long as you stay on city roads, the XP Lite is a great option. Lectric is a highly reliable brand, and the XP Lite is one of their highest rated products on Amazon.

Buy Lectric XP Lite from Amazon

Vivi 26”

Award: Best Folding Electric Mountain Bike Under 1000


  • Range: 20-50 miles (32-80km)
  • Weight: 64lbs (29kg)
  • Wheel Size: 26”
  • Motor: 36V 350W
  • Battery: 36V 8Ah
  • Top speed: 20mph (32km/h)


  • 21-speed transmission
  • Load capacity of 330lbs (150kg)
  • Dual suspension for smooth rides
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Cool sports-style fenders 


  • Small battery

Best Deal

The Vivi 26” is a folding electric mountain bike, boasting a range of features that make it a compelling choice for adventurous riders.

Equipped with a 36V 350W brushless geared rear hub motor, the bike provides reliable power to assist you on inclines and challenging paths. Its 36V 8Ah Lithium-ion battery, though compact, offers enough juice to cover distances ranging from 20 to 50 miles (32-80km). While not the most powerful option out there, it strikes a great balance between performance and cost-effectiveness.

The bike’s foldable frame adds to its practicality, making it easy to store and transport, particularly for riders lacking a garage space. Its 21-speed transmission is a standout feature, offering seamless gear shifts and enhanced control during your rides.

With a remarkable load capacity of 330lbs (150kg), the Vivi 26” Folding ensures that riders of various sizes can enjoy its benefits comfortably. Additionally, the dual suspension system delivers a smooth and cushioned ride, reducing impact and maximizing overall comfort. The bike’s design elements are not only functional but also sporty, with cool sports-style fenders and an adjustable handlebar that lets you find your ideal riding position.

Plus, the removable Lithium-ion battery pack allows for easy charging and flexibility… while the bright headlamp ensures visibility during low-light conditions. 

Buy Vivi 26’” from Amazon 

Vitilan V3

Award: Best Adult Foldable EBike Under 1000


  • Range: 50 miles (80km)
  • Weight: 64lbs (29kg)
  • Wheel Size: 20”
  • Motor: 48V 750W
  • Battery: 48V 13.4Ah
  • Top speed: 28mph (45km/h) – Class 3


  • Large LCD instrument
  • 330lbs (150kg) load capacity
  • Front suspension fork for smooth rides
  • Quick folding aluminum alloy frame
  • 4” knobby multi-purpose tires
  • Stylish cast rims
  • Cruise control feature 
  • Powerful motor with 1000W peak output


  • Weight on heavier side

Best Deal

The Vitilan V3 strikes the perfect balance between power, range, and comfort, all at an affordable price. And it tops it all with its stylish looks!

At the heart of the Vitilan V3 lies a potent 48V 750W brushless rear hub motor, capable of delivering an impressive 1000W peak output. Paired with its 48V 13.4Ah Lithium-ion battery, this bike offers a top speed of 28mph (45km/h) and a maximum range of 50 miles (80km) – providing a satisfying riding experience.

The construction features a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame, which not only endures rigorous use but also allows for quick folding, making it highly portable and ideal for storage or easy transportation, including public transit.

Riding on 20” wheels fitted with 4” knobby multi-purpose tires, the Vitilan V3 ensures a smooth and stable ride even on rough terrains. The added front suspension fork enhances the overall riding comfort, allowing you to enjoy occasional off-roading adventures.

One standout feature is the ingeniously hidden, removable battery – a discreet design element that contributes to the bike’s sleek appearance. Additionally, the bike boasts an impressive load capacity of 330lbs (150kg), making it suitable for a wide range of riders. The dual disc brakes, combined with the anti-skid tires, enable you to halt confidently in all weather conditions, ensuring a secure and responsive ride.

Moving on, the user-friendly LCD instrument provides vital ride data, keeping you informed of your speed, battery status, and other essential metrics. Furthermore, the 7-speed Shimano gears grant you flexibility in adapting to various terrains and riding preferences. The V3 also features a sturdy rear rack, electric horn, stylish cast rims, dual fenders, and plenty of other features.

Buy Vitilan V3 from Amazon

How to Choose the Best Folding Ebike Under $1000?

Choosing the best folding electric bike (e-bike) under $1000 requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure you get a reliable and suitable option. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Motor and Battery: Look for a folding e-bike with a motor that provides adequate power for your needs. Also, consider the battery capacity and estimated range. A higher watt-hour (Wh) rating generally indicates a longer range. Ensure the e-bike can cover the distances you intend to ride.
  • Pedal Assist Levels: Check the number of pedal assist levels the e-bike offers. More levels allow you to customize the amount of assistance you receive while pedaling.
  • Frame Material and Weight: Look for a lightweight yet durable frame material such as aluminum or alloy. A lighter e-bike will be easier to carry and maneuver when folded.
  • Wheel Size: Wheel sizes affect ride comfort, stability, and portability. Common sizes are 16″, 20″, and 26″. Choose based on your preference and the terrain you’ll be riding on.
  • Brakes and Suspension: Ensure the e-bike has reliable brakes (disc brakes are preferable) and consider front suspension for a smoother ride, especially if you plan to ride on rough roads.
  • Tires: Choose tires suitable for your riding conditions. Wider tires offer better stability and traction on uneven surfaces.
  • Display and Controls: A clear and easy-to-read display with intuitive controls is essential. It should provide information about speed, battery life, and pedal assist levels.
  • Additional Features: Look for features like integrated lights, a USB charging port, a rear rack, fenders, and a comfortable saddle. These can enhance your overall riding experience.
  • User Reviews and Test Rides: Read user reviews and watch video reviews to gain insights from real users. If possible, test ride the e-bike before purchasing to ensure it’s comfortable and suits your needs.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Check the warranty period for the e-bike and the manufacturer’s reputation for customer support. A good warranty can provide peace of mind in case of any issues.

Before You Go

Now that you’ve seen the list we’ve compiled for the best folding e-bikes under $1000, it’s time to make your decision. But remember, finding your perfect foldable electric bike goes beyond just technical specifications. 

Take a moment to consider your daily commute, lifestyle, and the terrains you’ll be riding on. Evaluate factors like the bike’s weight, battery range, and folding mechanism to ensure they align with your practical needs.

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