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Eahora has recently launched its latest ebike, the Eahora Juliet.’ It is a 1000W fat tire step-thru Class 3 electric bike with plenty of features, including color LCD, hydraulic brakes, and dual suspension. But Juliet’s behemoth 48V 60Ah (2.88kWh) lithium battery understandably dwarfs everything else the bike has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at this bike.

A 1kW Powerhouse

The Eahora Juliet e-bike boasts a powerful 1000W brushless motor located in the rear hub. The motor is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 120Nm, which is impressive for the price point. Eahora claims that the Juliet can reach a maximum speed of 38mph and can climb slopes of up to 35-40 degrees. However, I am skeptical about these claims due to the bike’s massive weight of 116lbs

Based on its weight, I believe the Juliet will have a hard time achieving those speeds and would hardly manage the Class 3 speed of 28mph. Nonetheless, I am eager to put the Juliet to the test and see how it performs in real-world conditions. I have added this bike to my list and will provide a comprehensive review soon.

Massive 2.9kWh Pack

As its main highlight, the Eahora Juliet features a massive 48V 60Ah (2.88kWh) lithium battery that, according to the brand, can achieve a range of 78-84 miles on throttle mode, 110-120 miles on PAS mode, and a maximum range of 135 miles on PAS 1… all with a rider weight of 154lbs

These figures don’t seem overinflated to me, considering the enormous battery capacity. However, I believe that 48 volts is not suitable for a 60Ah battery. I think a 60 or 72-volt battery with a smaller capacity would have been a better choice. 

Thankfully, the battery comes with an 8A charger, due to which it only takes 6-8 hours to fully charge it, despite its massive size. Just imagine charging this thing with the standard 2A charger, lol! All in all, the Juliet’s massive battery is a significant selling point – it can easily allow for continuous riding for a day without requiring a recharge.

Full Suspension System

The Eahora Juliet features a full suspension system, which the company brands as a 2+2+2 suspension system. The front suspension is an adjustable double-shoulder mechanical shock absorber with 80mm travel. The rear end has double rear shock absorbers with 35mm travel  and you also have double spring shocks in the saddle.

Now it all appears quite fancy, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that the “dual rear shock absorbers” are just another marketing ploy. They are from a no-name brand and have barely got any travel. Additionally, the welded-on bracket where they attach to the seat tube looks random and flimsy. 

Eahora Juliet new ebike

Photo Credit: Eahora

So while the Juliet seems adequate for providing urban riders with a comfortable and smooth ride, how well it performs off the road is something I would find only after testing it.

Frame & Portability

Unarguably the single biggest downside of the Juliet, the bike weighs a total of 116lbs! I mean calling it heavy would be a gross understatement… this thing weighs like a motorcycle and is impossible to lift.

The bike has a recommended rider weight of 330lbs, so can accommodate most riders. It also features a robust cargo rack with a capacity of 60lbs, which makes it suitable for transporting goods. Additionally, the rack has designated slots for the installation of a rear basket, which adds more storage space to the bike.

While the Juliet does have pedals and seven-speed gears, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will actually use them due to its massive weight. Still it’s nice to have the option to pedal in case the battery runs out of charge (though that’s highly unlikely too, considering the whooping capacity).

Photo Credit: Eahora

Styling & Design

In terms of styling, you can either love it or hate it. For the riders who prefer a beefy and industrial look, the Juliet seems to be something straight out of a dystopian video game – a statement piece that they would love to own. But as far as my opinion is concerned, I did not find it aesthetically pleasing. The chunky bare square frame, the odd boxy tube, and the cutouts give it a weird repurposed look.

Brakes & Tires

The Eahora Juliet electric bike comes equipped with 180mm dual hydraulic brakes, which are adequate for a Class 3 bike of these specs and weight. The bike also has CST 20×4″ tires that are all-terrain ready.

Other Features

The Juliet features a 4″ color display (YL-81F) that is IP65 waterproof. It also comes with a big headlight with a 14-meter long-distance penetration, making it easier to ride at night or in low-light conditions. The bike also has an integrated rear light with turn signals, an integrated electric horn, dual fenders, and a kickstand.

Photo Credit: Eahora

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Eahora Juliet comes with many impressive features, such as the 1000W (1.25kW peak) brushless motor, the ultra-massive 48V 60Ah lithium battery, dual hydraulic brakes, and 4″ all-terrain tires. The bike’s other features, such as the color LCD, the integrated head and tail lights with turn signals, and the sturdy rear rack also add to its overall appeal. 

However, the unattractive design and the massive 116lbs weight may be a deterrent for those looking for a more nimble and lightweight electric bike. While the Eahora Juliet may be suitable for delivery riders or people who need to undertake longer commutes, it may not be the best option for those using it for short trips. Its heavy weight may drain the battery unnecessarily, and pedaling it might not be practical for most riders.

But after factoring in everything, I think the Juliet is still an interesting option for those looking for a powerful and robust electric bike. Also, its $1,999 tag seems extremely reasonable for all the value and features it offers. In case you want to explore more options in a similar price range, check out my best ebike picks under $2,000. Happy riding… see you soon!



  • Jeff m Best dit :

    I’ve got over 600 miles on mine and I love it. well put together, heavy duty frame, long range monster (125 miles per charge under 240 lb load). when you grab a handful of throttle with the (cruise control on) this thing does something special. to set the cruise control you have to hold the throttle in a specific position for a few seconds and wide open for 4-5 seconds is the equivalent of flooring the bike to its max preset factory set speed. So it will continue to pick up speed in some casses 10-12 seconds until reaching software preset max speed. mine came factory set at 32 mph and holding it their on cruise control leaving most ebikes out there in the dust (without pedaling, thats right, straight throttle) left me smiling ear to ear. The color screen is amazing and the front head light is a homerun, both are very good matches to the bikes personality. Suspension is set to loose on my bike it’s the way I like to ride it, nice and smooth . it’s a really quality build including the hydraulic disk brakes with heavy duty roters. All of this on a very nice set of CST BFT 20’x4′ tires.

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