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Electric Bikes are taking over the world. Seeing how their growth isn’t showing any signs of stopping, you might be thinking: should I buy an electric bike? Or is an eBike worth it? Well, this guide will answer just that. From discussing how an electric bike saves you money to how it keeps you healthy, we’ll cover various benefits of eBikes to help you decide if it’s worth getting one. 

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Economic Benefits of eBikes 

eBikes have a huge advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. Improvements in eBike designs and their individual parts have allowed them to become affordable for everyone and offer more value for money.

Electric bikes can be purchased for prices as low as $600, with the ones in the range of $1,000 to $1,500 being the most suitable for beginners. 

In comparison, motorbike prices start from $4,000 in the US, and with the current surge in inflation around the world, cars are becoming inaccessible to the masses. Though electric scooters are still easy to buy, they don’t get anywhere near to eBikes when it comes to comfort and utility.

Moreover, if you already have a bicycle, converting it into an eBike is an even cheaper option. 

The market offers a wide variety of eBike conversion kits to choose from, each with its own benefits and unique twist on customizability. Starting from prices as low as $400, these eBike kits practically allow you to build your dream ride.

Aside from the one-time purchase, eBikes are also inexpensive to operate and maintain in the long run. When comparing the fuel and maintenance costs with the non-electric options, eBikes are way cheaper than any other alternative on the market. 

This cost-effectiveness is one of the leading factors in eBikes replacing car trips.

should i buy an ebike (electric bike)

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Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

One of the biggest benefits of an electric bike is the impact it has on the health of the rider.

Countless studies have shown that riding an eBike has similar benefits to riding a regular bicycle. Not just that, but eBikes often tend to be better for health since the pedal-assist allows the user to ride for longer periods of time.

Physical Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

A 2016 study found that people who used eBikes for about 40 minutes at least thrice per week had better cardiovascular activity compared to those who didn’t. The participants were also found to have significant improvements in their blood sugar control.

eBikes have also been shown to decrease the chances of contracting diabetes (Type-II), according to a report in the Diabetic Medicine journal.

Regular use of eBikes has been found helpful in burning calories, preventing obesity, boosting the immune system, and preventing infections related to the respiratory system. 

Mental Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

Aside from improving physical health, eBikes are also beneficial in countering mental health problems.

Studies have shown that people who regularly ride eBikes show a significant increase in brain activity compared to those who don’t.

Since riding an eBike counts as physical exercise, it offers the same benefits as a regular workout session. Increased exercise in the form of eBiking has shown to be beneficial for the brain as it works as a natural stress reliever by stimulating neurotransmitters.

As a result of increased exercise, people who ride eBikes also tend to show better sleep cycles and are less likely to be affected by insomnia.

Benefits of eBikes for Seniors

The use of eBikes isn’t just meant for the adult demographic. Senior citizens aged 60 and above can also make the most of it.

Pedal assists and throttles allow the elderly to traverse longer distances or difficult terrains without feeling exhausted. The chance to have longer rides has also been shown to affect their mood for the better.

A study published on ResearchGate in 2019 showed that eBikes tend to boost the mood of senior citizens and help in improving their cognitive brain functions.

The use of eBikes has also been related to countering dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other common neural disorders.

Why buy an electric bike (ebike)?

Photo Credit: Rad Power Bikes

Environmental Benefits of eBikes

eBikes aren’t just beneficial for the rider, they’re good for the environment too.

Being electrically powered, eBikes do not produce carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, riding an eBike results in a significant decrease in your individual carbon footprint.

For every 10 miles that you ride on an eBike in place of a car or similar motor vehicle, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 4,000 grams. 

You can find your eBike emissions by using this online CO2 emissions calculator.

Moreover, recent advancements have allowed eBike batteries to provide more energy output with lesser charge times. 

A single charge can now allow you to travel anywhere between 30 to 50 miles on regular eBikes, resulting in lesser carbon dioxide emissions per charge.

Benefits of eBikes for Commuting

eBikes are undoubtedly the best commuting option today. Whether it’s for casual runs to the grocery store or a ride to the other end of the city, they can do the trick.

Electric bikes aren’t registered as motor vehicles in most countries and are seen as a type of bicycle as long as they meet the state regulations. 

This means that you have access to bike lanes that aren’t available to other motor vehicles, which allows you to get to your destination faster.

The increase in population, especially in urban areas, is making cars an undesirable option, so much so that eBikes outsold electric vehicles in the US in 2021.

People living in densely-congested metropolises cannot find a better commute to and from work than electric bikes. 

If their commute involves them taking a metro, they can buy foldable eBikes that are extremely compact, weigh as low as 22lbs (10kg), and can be easily carried across a flight of stairs.

Not just road, electric bikes are great off of it too. The pedal assistance helps you move up the hills with minimum effort, making eBikes the perfect partner for your camping, hunting, and other outdoor adventures.

Should I Buy an eBike?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective personal mobility solution that cannot only reduce your impact on the environment but also allow you to get some light exercise during your commutes while requiring little effort in maintenance, then yes, you should buy an eBike.

The best thing about eBikes is their amazing variety. From lightweight urban commuters to sturdy cargo haulers, and heavy-duty off-roaders to powerful mountain climbers, you can get an eBike for any purpose you want.

Moreover, the variety of frame styles, motor types, and battery sizes offered by different manufacturers means you can easily buy an eBike that has literally been made for you. 

Photo Credit: Ariel Rider eBikes


Are eBikes good exercise?

Yes, eBikes are good exercise. Numerous studies have shown that eBikes tend to provide health benefits that are similar to those of a workout. They have been found helpful in reducing respiratory and cardiovascular problems as well as boosting the rider’s immune system.

Should I buy an eBike or conversion kit?

It’s mostly a matter of personal preference. Conversion kits offer more customizability and are more economical if you have a bicycle lying around. Pre-built eBikes, on the other hand, are manufactured with higher quality standards with little room for mistakes. They also offer a longer warranty period. 

Is an eBike a good investment?

Yes, an eBike is a good investment. They are not only more economical than other alternatives but are also inexpensive to operate and maintain. With electric bikes becoming ever so popular, now’s probably the best time to invest in one.

Are eBikes safe?

Electric bikes have more safety risks involved than regular bicycles. But they come with higher standards of parts and have numerous safety features to keep riders safe on the road. Read this blog to know more about eBike safety risks and how to avoid them.


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