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Struggling to choose your first electric bike? You might want to add the Jasion EB5 to your list, a budget-friendly e-bike that will do the job without breaking the bank. With a mountain bike style, this electric bike is equipped with enough power to give you the feel of riding one… and it will do that for just $269!
The Jasion EB5 is a budget-friendly electric bike that gives an impression of a mountain bike with its overall design. Priced at $269 only, this bike is something you’ll want to ride if you’re looking for a cheap but reliable bike.

Capable of giving a stable ride with an average speed, the Jasion EB5 is equipped with enough power while providing comfort. But take note, with a cheap price, don’t expect too much from this bike.

Today, I will share my experience with the Jasion EB5 and give you a detailed breakdown of its features and performance.

Jasion EB5 Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Nimble and agile handling
No rack and fenders
Unstable headlight alignment

Performance Review

The Jasion EB5 is a commuter bike with a mountain bike style, it has a top speed of 20mph, making it suitable for urban commuting. One good feature of the bike is its remarkable lightness, which enhances its maneuverability and ease of use.

The Jasion EB5 can cover 25 miles on the pedal assist, providing enough boost, but make sure not to go on long rides. Alternatively, the bike covers 20 miles when using the half-twist throttle. 

When it comes to weight, the Jasion EB5 is reasonably lightweight, tipping the scales at 50 lbs. This weight allows for easier handling and portability, ensuring that you can easily maneuver the bike when needed.

The Jasion EB5 offers a nice and stable ride quality, ensuring a comfortable experience for the rider even during longer journeys. The 26″ puncture-resistant tires contribute to this smooth ride, providing enhanced grip and stability on various road surfaces.

The bike is equipped with a 350W brushless motor, which provides nominal power for its operation. While this power output is sufficient for most urban riding scenarios, it may struggle with inclines, especially for those riding in hilly areas. The Jasion EB5 is more suited for flat city rides, and riders should be aware of this limitation when considering their routes.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)
To be tested
Braking Distance (20 to 0 mph)
To be tested

Top Speed

The Jasion EB5 has a top speed of 20 mph on the 3rd pedal assist. The bike’s performance was okay, and it falls into the class 2 designation, making it a reliable and efficient commuter with the added benefit of pedal assist.



The Jasion EB5 provided a good riding experience. The bike accelerates gradually and smoothly, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey with every twist of the throttle.

Hill Climb

The Jasion EB5 bike handles inclines decently, but on a steep 12% incline, it struggles a bit. I would recommend this bike more for flat riding.


The Jasion EB5 has a battery capacity of 36V 10Ah, and maintaining the 1st pedal assists at a slow 10mph speed, it covered a range of approximately 25 miles, and you will definitely cover less when you use the 2nd or 3rd PAS.

This EB5 is still good for daily commutes and short trips around town. It’s efficient and reliable for regular use. I wouldn’t recommend relying on it for longer distances or extended journeys. For those situations, it’s better to have a backup plan or consider a bike with a larger battery capacity.

Ride Quality

The Jasion EB5 has a smooth and stable ride, which I really liked. The steering felt nimble and agile, making it easy to maneuver. The power delivery was responsive with each of the 3 pedal assists providing a good level of assist.

As for weight distribution and ride stability, the bike can handle up to 250 lbs without any issues.

In addition, the bike has good power helping the overall ride stable, and the 3 pedal assist options gave me the flexibility to adjust the level of assistance based on my needs.



The Jasoin EB5 comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes. These brakes use 160mm rotors both at the front and rear wheels. One thing I like about this bike is that it has motor/power cut-off levers, which means when I engage the brakes, it automatically cuts off power to the motor for added safety. 

The combination of mechanical disc brakes and the motor cut-off feature provides reliable and controlled braking, making you feel more secure while riding. But of course, while the mechanical disc brakes get the job done, I really like to see a hydraulic one.



The Jasion EB5 has a front fork suspension, and it’s good and dependable. Additionally, the bike also has seat post suspension, which adds to the overall comfort while riding. The saddle on this bike is soft and provides a decent level of comfort during my rides. I didn’t experience any discomfort or issues with it.

Regarding the front fork suspension, it offers 100mm of travel, which is pretty decent. It helps absorb bumps and uneven terrain, making the ride smoother and more enjoyable.


Jasion EB5

$269 on Amazon

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Jasion EB5 Features


The frame of The Jasion EB5 is made from carbon steel, which provides a good balance of strength and weight. The bike itself weighs 50 lbs, which is relatively light for an e-bike. Moreover, the bike load rating is 250 lbs, indicating that it can comfortably support riders who weigh up to that amount. This makes it suitable for a wide range of riders, including those who may be on the heavier side.


The Jasion EB5 is available on the official Jasion website and Amazon for just $269, making it a really affordable option for an e-bike. Considering its features and capabilities, this price is quite budget-friendly and makes it an attractive choice for those looking for an electric bike without breaking your wallet.


The Jasion EB5 has an appealing style. It follows a mountain bike style, and the handlebar design is suitable and comfortable for me.

One thing I appreciate about this e-bike is that it even has a handlebar cap, similar to regular mountain bikes, which allows for customization. You can add your own touch and personalize it to your liking if you wish.

While most of the wires are external, they are neatly arranged and managed, giving the bike a clean and organized look.


Battery Pack

The Jasion EB5 comes with a removable battery pack, which is convenient for charging and maintenance. I like that it is lockable, providing added security when leaving the bike unattended.

The charging time for each battery is typical, taking about 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. This ensures I can quickly get back on the road after recharging.

One feature that stands out to me is the extra charging port within the battery itself. This is a thoughtful addition as it allows me to charge other devices while on the go, making it even more versatile.


The Jasion EB5 comes with a colored LCD display, which I find quite impressive with its price. The fact that it’s colored makes it visually appealing and easy to read. I appreciate that the display remains visible even in broad daylight, which is essential for keeping track of information while riding under the sun.

Moreover, the display is packed with various specs and information, providing valuable data about the e-bike’s performance and settings. Having access to this information on the go helps you stay informed and make any necessary adjustments during your rides.



The Jasion EB5 is equipped with 26-inch tires suitable for commuting purposes. These tires are designed for use on pavements and urban roads, making them well-suited for city riding and daily commutes.

The tire tread is not ideal for off-road use. They may not perform well on rough or unpaved surfaces, so it’s best to stick to paved roads and sidewalks with this bike.



The Jasion EB5 is equipped with a bright headlight, which is great for illuminating the path ahead and ensuring visibility during low-light conditions.

But, I must say that the rear light is not integrated into the bike’s design. It’s a separate component that you insert at the back, but it’s not connected to the bike itself. While it still serves its purpose of providing rear visibility, it’s essential to be aware of this setup, it’s not a big deal breaker but it’s better if it can be connected.



The Jasion EB5 features an IP2 waterproof rating. While this provides some protection against minor splashes and light moisture, it’s important to note that the bike is not recommended for use in heavy rain.


The Jasion EB5 has a 1-year warranty, providing assurance and coverage for any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise within the first year of ownership.

Additional Accessory

The Jasion EB5 comes with a rear light as one of its accessories. This rear light can be easily attached underneath the seat, providing added visibility and safety during rides, especially in low-light conditions. But like what I’ve mentioned, might prefer that it can be connected to the bike’s braking system. If you want, there are available cheap accessories you can add for this bike.


Jasion EB5 Alternatives & Competitors

The Jasion EB5 has a 1-year warranty, providing assurance and coverage for any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise within the first year of ownership.

Jasion EB5 Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the Jasion EB5 in a similar style and performance

Jasion EB5 vs Ancheer

Comparing the Jasion EB5 to the Ancheer, it’s clear that the Ancheer offers a competitive edge. While the Jasion EB5 gives a 350 W motor, the Ancheer takes the lead with its powerful 500 W motor. The top speed of 20 mph remains consistent for both models, ensuring a thrilling experience.

In terms of battery capacity, the Ancheer stands out with its 374 Wh battery, providing ample energy for longer rides of up to 40 miles. On the other hand, the Jasion EB5 offers a 360 Wh battery, allowing for a range of 25 miles.

When it comes to weight, the Ancheer takes the advantage yet again, weighing in at 44 lbs compared to the Jasion EB5’s 50 lbs. This lighter weight contributes to a more nimble and maneuverable ride.

The suspension also plays a role in enhancing the riding experience. The Ancheer features dual suspension, ensuring a smoother journey even on rough terrain. In contrast, the Jasion EB5 offers a single suspension, which may not provide the same level of comfort.

Price-wise, the Ancheer is availabe at $299, making it an attractive choice for those seeking value without compromising on performance. But the Jasion EB5, priced at $269, is even more affordable.

Jasion EB5 vs TotGuard

Both e-bikes are equipped with a 350 W motor, ensuring a reliable and consistent riding experience. The top speeds are nearly identical, with the Jasion EB5 reaching 20 mph and the TotGuard coming in slightly behind at 19.8 mph.

In terms of battery capacity, the TotGuard pulls ahead with its 374.4 Wh battery, granting an extended range of 28 miles. The Jasion EB5, on the other hand, offers a 360 Wh battery and a range of 25 miles.

Weight-wise, the TotGuard proves to be more manageable at 45 lbs compared to the Jasion EB5’s 50 lbs. This could translate to a more agile and effortless ride, especially in urban environments.

Both models have a single suspension system, which can offer a degree of comfort on less-than-smooth surfaces. However, there’s a notable price difference to consider. The TotGuard stands out as the more affordable choice, priced at $259, while the Jasion EB5 comes in at $269.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

Jasion EB5 Ancheer TotGuard
Motor 350 W 500 W 350 W
Top Speed 20 mph 20 mph 19.8 mph
Battery 360 Wh 374 Wh 374.4 Wh
Range 25 miles 40 miles 28 miles
Weight 50 lbs 44 lbs 45 lbs
Suspension Single Dual Single
Price $269 $299 $259


I really like the Jasion EB5 for several reasons. Its style resembling a mountain bike appeals to me, and the suspension provides a decent level of comfort during rides. Moreover, the price is incredibly affordable, making it a fantastic budget-friendly option at just $269.

However, there are a couple of improvements I wish to see. It would be great if the bike came with a fender or a rear rack to add convenience for carrying items. Additionally, having the rear light integrated or easily connectable to the bike would be more convenient and secure.

Jasion EB5 FAQs

Can I use the Jasion EB5 for off-road adventures?

While the Jasion EB5 is suitable for light off-road use and rougher terrain, it’s primarily designed for urban and suburban commuting. For more rugged off-road adventures, consider an e-bike specifically built for that purpose.

Can I adjust the seat height of the Jasion EB5 to fit my preference?

Yes, the Jasion EB5 comes with an adjustable seat post, allowing you to customize the seat height for a comfortable riding position.

Can the Jasion EB5 handle hills and inclines?

Yes, the Jasion EB5’s 350W motor provides sufficient power to handle moderate hills and inclines but at a slow pace.

Is the Jasion EB5 foldable for easy storage and transportation?

No, the Jasion EB5 is not foldable.

Jasion EB5 Manufacturer's Specs

  • Bike Type: Electric Bike
  • Brand: ‎Jasion
  • Model Name: ‎EB5
  • Top range: 40 miles
  • Top speed: 20mph
  • Transmission: ‎7-speed Shimano
  • Color: ‎Blue and Black
  • Wheel Size: ‎26 Inches
  • Frame: Carbon steel
  • Motor: 350W brushless motor
  • Battery: 36V 10Ah
  • Suspension Type: ‎Front fork
  • Charging time: 5-6 hours
  • Special Feature: ‎Lightweight, Carbon Frame, Mountain bike
  • Included Components: ‎Horn, Kickstand, Reflectors, Tool Kit
  • Brake Style: ‎Disc
  • Throttle: Half Twist
  • LCD: Colored LCD
  • Rotor: 160mm
  • Lights: Headlight and tail light
  • BIke Weight: 50 lbs
  • Voltage: 36 Volts
  • Style: Standard
  • Wattage: ‎360 Watt-hours
  • Warranty Description: ‎1-year
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc
  • Dimensions: 65 x 25 x 36 inches
  • PAS: 3


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