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I am surprised with the design of the Macfox X1 as it resembles the Super73 e-bike. It’s cheap and functional, great with a daily city drive. It’s a starter e-bike for those who are into riding an e-bike from point A to point B.
The Macfox X1 is a midrange e-bike that takes the affordability factor for those starting to experience the world of e-bikes. Priced at $999, it’s one of those budget-friendly bikes.

I had mixed reviews about this seemingly off-road-style bike because of its tires. However, as an e-bike enthusiast, one thing that caught my attention was the lack of suspension. Though riding it in urban areas will not be a problem, a semi-off-road trail will be an issue.

So today, I will share my experience with the Macfox X1 and give you a detailed breakdown of its features and performance.

Macfox X1 Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Comes with a USB port within the battery
Dual battery option
No rear and front suspension
No rear light
No fenders and rear rack
No horn

Performance Review

The Macfox X1 is an e-bike with a 500W motor and a 48V 10.4Ah power source that can be operated with both pedal assist and throttle. When I tested it on asphalt, the bike’s performance was good, but don’t even try riding it off-road as it has no suspension at all.

The motor provides enough power, allowing me to reach a top speed of 25.4mph using pedal assist and climb uphill with ease. Although the acceleration is a bit slow, I found the bike to be quite agile and easy to handle, cornering is good thanks to its fat 20×4″ tires. Its design resembles that of the Super73 bike-cheap version.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the individual performance tests.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 25 kph)
To be tested
Braking Distance (25 to 0 kph)
To be tested

Top Speed

The Macfox X1 was able to reach a top speed of 25.4mph using full throttle. Additionally, I achieved a top speed of 25mph flat when in full pedal assist. It’s nice to experience steadiness when riding at top speed.



The Macfox X1, while not particularly impressive in terms of speed, does quite deliver the speed performance I was looking for. Nonetheless, given its price point, it’s an acceptable choice.

Hill Climb

The Macfox X1, unfortunately, didn’t handle inclines well overall. Even when attempting a 20% uphill grade, it struggled to continue at all. Whether using the throttle or pedal assist, the bike’s performance on inclines was disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend this model for uphill rides.


The Macfox X1 is equipped with a 48v 10.4Ah (500Wh) battery and offers a decent range. The e-bike provided a total range of 38 miles. This is good for long rides without the need for recharging.

Ride Quality

The Macfox X1 offers a smooth and stable ride, even at its maximum speed, which is a good factor. The steering feels stable and the bike handles well, providing a nimble and agile experience. In terms of power delivery, there is a slight lag with the throttle, which is expected given its price point.

However, the lag within the pedal assist is manageable. When it comes to cornering, the performance is okay, and the bike maintains good stability. The weight distribution and ride stability are commendable, as the bike can handle up to 325 lbs without compromising its stability. These aspects make the Macfox X1 a reliable choice for riders seeking a smooth and stable riding experience. The saddle on the Macfox X1 is long, comfortable, and soft, providing a comfortable seating experience.



The Macfox X1 is equipped with a mechanical disc brake, which is to be expected considering its price. However, what surprised me was the diameter of the brake rotors measuring 180mm. This larger rotor size provides an advantage in terms of braking power and heat dissipation. When I tested the full braking capability, it performed well.



The Macfox X1 has no suspension, both in the rear and front, which is the biggest downside for me. This lack of suspension components makes it less suitable for tackling rough or uneven terrains, even in mid-level terrain, don’t even think of it.

I wouldn’t recommend this bike if you’re planning to ride on such surfaces. However, on smoother surfaces like asphalt, the bike performs adequately. It’s worth noting that despite the absence of suspension.


Macfox X1


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Macfox X1 Features


The Macfox X1 features a steel frame build, which provides durability and stability. The bike weighs 65 lbs, which is considered reasonable and not excessively heavy. However, it’s important to note that the e-bike does not come with a saddle bag or rear rack included with the purchase. Additionally, the bike is not foldable, meaning it cannot be easily compacted for storage or transportation.


The Macfox X1 is priced at $999 on the Macfox website, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking for an affordable electric bike.


The Macfox X1 has an off-road bike design, but ideal only for urban areas. The external wirings are okay but not that clean looking. I noticed the overall design of the bike is like a cheap Super73.


Battery Pack

The Macfox X1 offers a removable battery, allowing for easy charging and replacement. Typically, it takes around 5 hours to charge the battery fully. An additional benefit is that the bike has the capability to attach an extra battery underneath the body, which is advantageous for long rides or extended trips.

One aspect I particularly appreciate is the presence of a charging port directly on the battery itself. This feature adds convenience, as it eliminates the need to remove the battery for charging. Overall, these battery-related features enhance the usability and versatility of the Macfox X1, making it a convenient choice for riders seeking longer rides or the option to extend their cycling adventures.


The Macfox X1 comes in a colored display. The display, attached on the right side of the handlebar, is really small, enough to see the speedometer. Riding in daylight will be a challenge if you’re always looking at the display to check your speed.


The Macfox X1 features 20″x4.0″ CST tires that should be suitable for off-road riding, but due to the lack of suspension at all, it is not recommended for serious off-road use. It has a knobby tread pattern to provide grip for slippery surfaces.



I really like the retro style of the Macfox X1’s headlight, however, it does not come equipped with a rear brake light. However, it does have a rear reflector as a standard feature. If you want, a rear light can be attached to the bike since there is a connector available for that purpose.



The Macfox X1 offers a 1 year warranty for all its electric bikes.

Macfox X1 Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the Macfox X1 in a similar style and specs range.

Macfox X1 vs Engwe M20

When comparing the Macfox X1 and the Engwe M20, I find that the Macfox X1 has a 500W motor, while the Engwe M20 takes the lead with a more powerful 1000W motor. However, both models share a similar top speed, with the Macfox X1 reaching 25.4mph and the Engwe M20 slightly behind at 25mph.

In terms of battery capacity, the Macfox X1 offers a 500Wh battery, whereas the Engwe M20 provides a larger 624Wh battery. This allows the Engwe M20 to cover a range of 20 miles, while the Macfox X1 excels with a longer range of 38 miles.

Moving on to weight and suspension, the Macfox X1 weighs 65 lbs and lacks suspension, which may affect its off-road performance. In contrast, the Engwe M20 is slightly heavier at 77 lbs but compensates with dual suspension, enhancing its ability to handle rough terrains.

Lastly, price-wise, the Macfox X1 comes in at $999, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to the Engwe M20, which is priced at $1,299.

Macfox X1 vs Ouxi V8

I find that the Macfox X1 is equipped with a 500W motor, while the Ouxi V8 takes the lead with a more powerful 750W motor. This extra power gives the Ouxi V8 a higher top speed of 30mph, compared to the Macfox X1’s top speed of 25.4mph.

In terms of battery capacity, the Ouxi V8 features a larger 720Wh battery, providing a range of 25 miles. On the other hand, the Macfox X1 comes with a 500Wh battery, allowing for a longer range of 38 miles.

When it comes to weight, the Macfox X1 weighs 65 lbs, while the Ouxi V8 is slightly heavier at 81.5 lbs. Additionally, the Ouxi V8 has the advantage of a front suspension, offering improved comfort and better handling on uneven terrains.

Price-wise, the Macfox X1 is priced at $999, making it a more budget-friendly option. The Ouxi V8, however, is priced at $1,249, reflecting its additional features and specifications.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

Macfox X1 Engwe M20 Ouxi V8
Motor 500W 1000W 750W
Top Speed 25.4mph 25mph 30mph
Battery 500Wh 624Wh 720Wh
Range 38miles 20 miles 25 miles
Weight 29.5kg (65lbs) 34.9kg (77lbs) 37kg (81.5lbs)
Suspension None Triple Single
Price $999 $1,299 $1,249


The Macfox X1 proves to be a budget-friendly option, making it an ideal choice for those who are new to the world of e-bikes. However, there are areas that could be improved upon. I would have liked to see an included rear rack for added utility and convenience, as well as a suspension for a smoother ride on various terrains.

Additionally, the absence of certain features is worth noting, such as the lack of an attached rear light, saddle bag, and horn. These missing elements may require separate purchases to fulfill specific needs.

On a positive note, the Macfox X1 showcases a good design that reflects the structure of Super73, which is appealing to many riders. While there are areas for improvement and some missing features, overall, the Macfox X1 offers a budget-friendly option for entry-level e-bike enthusiasts.

Macfox X1 FAQs

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Macfox X1?

The Macfox X1 can handle a maximum weight capacity of up to 325 pounds.

Is the Macfox X1 water-resistant?

While the Macfox X1 is not fully waterproof, it does have some level of water resistance. However, it is recommended to avoid exposing it to heavy rain or submerging it in water.

Can I add accessories like a phone mount or bottle holder to the Macfox X1?

Yes, the Macfox X1’s handlebars and frame allow for the attachment of various accessories, including phone mounts, bottle holders, and more.

Can the Macfox X1 be ridden in colder weather or snow?

It is not recommended to ride the Macfox X1 in extremely cold or snowy conditions, as it may affect the performance and longevity of the e-bike.

Macfox X1 Manufacturer's Specs

  • Brand: Macfox
  • Model: Macfox X1
  • Tire: 20″x4.0″ CST Tires
  • Disc: 180mm rotor
  • Frame: Steel
  • Battery: 48V 10.4Ah
  • Suspension: None
  • Brake: Mechanical disc brake
  • Motor Power: 500Wh
  • Top speed: 25.4mph
  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Display: Black and white screen
  • Range: 38 miles
  • Charging Time: 5hrs
  • Throttle: Full throttle
  • Light: Headlight: Stylish headlight
  • Dimension: 71″x27″42″
  • Tail Light: LCD (Purchase on the customize page)
  • Gear shifter: Single speed
  • Seat height: 33″
  • Mode: Eco/ Mid/ High


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