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The Movcan V60 is a dual suspension fat tire moped-styled ebike that stands out for its budget tag. The bike offers a thrilling and capable ride while keeping you comfortable. It comes complete with everything down to fenders… and is easily one of the best moped e-bikes you can get without breaking the bank!

Movcan V60

$749 (Amazon)

Movcan is an emerging personal mobility brand that’s been making strides with its extremely competitive lineup of fat tire electric bikes. With a focus on quality and performance, Movcan bikes are crafted to navigate diverse terrains with ease, offering riders both comfort and speed. I have been trying to review one of their ebikes for quite some time… and was fortunate to lay hands on the V60!

The Movcan V60 has been designed for exciting off-road adventures. It boasts a top speed of 30+ mph and features a dual suspension system (along with sturdy fat tires) to ensure a comfortable ride over various terrains. The bike comes equipped with all essential amenities like dual lights, fenders, and a large display. All in all, it offers capability and comfort for riders seeking an accessible yet thrilling electric biking experience.

Movcan V60 Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Great performance on hills
Impressive top speed
Features dual suspension
Comes with a USB port
Weighs too much
Takes too long to charge
Could use hydraulic brakes

Performance Review

The Movcan V60 features a robust 48-volt 1000-watt brushless motor, providing an exhilarating riding experience suitable for a variety of terrains. Riders can switch between pure electric mode using a twist throttle or select from five levels of pedal assistance to suit their needs. The bike also has a cruise control mode to ride at a steady speed. The bike is equipped with a cadence sensor, which means there might be minor delays in power activation when there’s a sudden change in pedaling intensity.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
30.4 mph
24.2 miles
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)
13 seconds
Braking Distance (20 to 0 mph)
*to be tested


The Movcan V60 e-bike showed stellar acceleration in my test ride, reaching 20 mph in about 13 seconds on a flat and smooth pavement with average wind conditions. This acceleration was as per my expectations from a 1000W (1500W peak) ebike. While the initial burst of speed tapered off slightly, the bike maintained a consistent pace throughout the ride. Considering its 82-pound weight and budget-friendly price tag, this performance is too good. 

Top Speed

The Movcan V60 e-bike has a maximum speed of 30.4 mph in unlocked state… which is more than the speed specified by Class 3 regulations. This speed is more than sufficient for all kinds of adventure rides. I mean given the bike’s substantial weight, this level of performance is commendable.


The Movcan V60 comes with a full suspension system designed to handle some off-roading. The front fork has plenty of travel to achieve excellent damping. The rear shock looks more like a marketing gimmick…with little practical application, but I guess it’s still better than having a hardtail. Also, the plush saddle helps in shock absorption as well. 

Ride Quality

The Movcan V60, like many moped-style e-bikes, delivers a comfortable riding experience. Its balanced weight distribution contributes to stability across various terrains. The frame geometry and riding posture are well-designed, enhancing overall comfort. The ride quality is notably cushioned, thanks to its 4-inch fat tires, dual suspension system, and large, plush saddle. These features collectively minimize jerks and discomfort from bumps and uneven surfaces.

Handling and steering is also quite nice. I literally enjoyed my time on this bike throughout my testing. While the cadence sensor isn’t as responsive as the torque sensor in higher-end models, it performs adequately given the bike’s budget-friendly price. Most riders are unlikely to notice the slight lag in power delivery. Overall, the V60 offers excellent ride quality for its price.

Hill Climb

The Movcan V60 showed exceptional performance on inclines during my testing across various terrains. It managed to ascend most hills effortlessly and didn’t struggle even on steeper gradients. I was able to effortlessly gradients exceeding 15 degrees relying solely on the throttle. The ride on pedal-assist was even more capable. I believe the V60’s hill-climbing ability is on par with Engwe’s M20.


The Movcan V60 is equipped with 160mm mechanical brakes. Although I haven’t conducted the brake-distance test, my initial impressions of the braking performance were not bad. Still, given the bike’s speed, weight, and potential for off-road use, I believe hydraulic brakes would have been much better had the brand used them.


The Movcan V60 is equipped with a 48V 15.6Wh (748.8Wh) Lithium-ion battery mounted externally. In my testing, the bike managed to cover 24.2 miles using a combination of throttle and PAS 5. This was on a mix of flat roads and some hilly terrain. Given the bike’s 1000W nominal power output and its substantial weight, this range is fairly decent. While it doesn’t stand out, the bike provides a reasonable distance for most casual and commuting needs, making it a decent option for riders looking for a balance between performance and cost.


The Movcan V60 features a seven-speed Shimano transmission, which is typical for budget electric bikes. Gear shifting was generally smooth during my tests, but I experienced ghost pedaling at higher speeds. This issue is common in budget e-bikes and is noticeable when riding above 25mph. For those situations, it’s more efficient to rely on the throttle.

Movcan V60

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Movcan V60 Features


The most notable feature of the Movcan V60 is its budget-friendly price of $749, which makes it a standout option in the market. The bike delivers impressive performance with a top speed of 30.4mph. Its dual suspension system and robust fat tires contribute to a comfortable and smooth journey, effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations from uneven terrain. Additionally, it comes equipped with all essential features including dual lights, dual fenders, and a large display, enhancing both safety and convenience for riders. Overall, the V60 combines affordability with solid performance and comfort, making it a competitive choice in its class.


The Movcan V60 features a high-strength carbon steel frame, which contributes to its substantial weight of 82.7lbs. The bike is designed to support a payload of up to 330lbs. The frame sports a typical moped-style design with a minimalist build and a generously sized saddle for added comfort. Standout features include the moto-style front lamp and dual fenders.


The Movcan V60 comes with an external 48V 15.6Wh (748.8Wh) Lithium-ion battery. This battery is designed with a lockable and removable mechanism, adding convenience for users to charge it separately or replace it when necessary. Charging the battery takes 7-8 hours using a standard 2A charger. I wish the brand had offered a fast charger to reduce this long charging time.


The Movcan V60 boasts a large backlit LCD display placed in the center of the handlebar, allowing riders to monitor their ride without taking their eyes off the road. The display is designed for optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, whether it’s low light or bright daylight. You can monitor everything like your current speed, distance traveled, remaining battery status, PAS mode from this display. It also has a USB port, allowing riders to charge their smartphones on the move.


The Movcan V60 is equipped with a motorcycle-styled front lamp, ensuring optimal visibility for riders during nighttime rides. It also includes a rear light that increases the bike’s visibility to other road users, and automatically activates when brakes are applied. The V60 also had reflectors on the pedal and wheels for maximum visibility.


The V60 electric bike features an electric horn which serves as an audible alert for other road users, dual full-length fenders which shield riders from splashes and mud, and a side kickstand for secure parking of the bike.


The Movcan V60 boasts 20×4-inch tires with a rugged knobby tread design. These tires are engineered to provide better grip across various terrains, like sand, snow, or mud, and to ensure a smoother ride by effectively absorbing impacts and minimizing vibrations on uneven roads and off-road trails. In addition to their functional benefits, the V60’s fat tires also add to its visual appeal, giving the bike a formidable appearance. 


The Movcan V60 e-bike is covered against all manufacturing defects in its components, encompassing the battery, frame, forks, controller, motor, display, brakes, throttle, lights, and charger. This comprehensive warranty extends for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Movcan V60 Alternatives & Competitors

Let us see how the Movcan V60 competes with its main rivals.

Movcan V60 vs Riding Times Z8

When comparing the Movcan V60 to the Riding Times Z8, there are a lot of similarities with just slight differences. The V60 does excel with its powerful 1000W motor though, delivering robust performance ideal for tackling challenging off-road terrain with ease. Its top speed of 30.4mph outpaces the Z8’s 28.3mph, providing a faster riding experience for thrill-seekers. 

Both bikes feature the same 748.8Wh battery, ensuring comparable ranges of 24.2 miles for the V60 and 25.7 miles for the Z8. The V60’s slightly heavier weight of 82.7lbs, however, compared to the Z8’s 78.3lbs might impact maneuverability, especially in urban settings. Price-wise, the V60 offers a competitive advantage at $749, making it an attractive option for riders seeking high performance without breaking the bank.

Movcan V60 vs Jansno X50

Both the Movcan V60 and the Jansno X50 share 750W motor, but the V60 has a larger 748.8Wh battery capacity… so it offers an extended range of 24.2 miles compared to the X50’s 19.6 miles, making it more suitable for longer rides. Both bikes weigh 82lbs, but the V60 supports a higher load capacity of 330lbs compared to the X50’s 265lbs, enhancing its versatility for carrying heavier loads. The X50, however, is priced lower at $650.

Let us see how these 3 ebikes compare with one another.

Movcan V60  Riding Times Z8 Jansno X50
Motor 1000W 750W 750W
Top Speed 30.4mph 28.3 mph 32mph
Battery 748.8Wh 748.8Wh 614Wh
Range 24.2 miles 25.7 miles 19.6 miles
Weight 82.7lbs 78.3 lbs 82lbs
Load Rating 330lbs 300 lbs 265lbs
Price $749 $899 $650


The Movcan V60 stands out prominently in the crowded electric bike market primarily due to its remarkably affordable price tag of $749. Despite its budget-friendly nature, the V60 doesn’t compromise on performance, boasting a top speed of 30.4mph that caters to riders seeking exhilarating rides. Its dual suspension system and sturdy fat tires are pivotal in ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey, adeptly absorbing bumps and vibrations encountered on varied terrains.

Safety and convenience are also well-addressed with the V60, featuring dual lights, dual fenders for protection from debris, and a sizable display for easy monitoring of key metrics. These elements collectively enhance the riding experience, providing peace of mind and practicality for daily commutes or recreational outings.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. At 82.7lbs, the V60 is quite heavy, which can affect portability and maneuverability, especially when not in use. The charging time, approximately 7-8 hours with a standard charger, may also be a consideration for those needing quicker turnaround times between rides. Additionally, while its mechanical brakes perform adequately, hydraulic brakes could offer more precise and responsive stopping power, particularly at higher speeds or on challenging terrain.

Overall, despite its downsides (which you will always find in every budget ebike), the Movcan V60 impresses with its balance of affordability, performance, and essential features tailored for urban and off-road adventures alike. It remains a competitive choice in its class, appealing to riders looking for a capable electric bike without breaking the bank. When you factor in all the features, it comes out as a winner with a stunning price-to-value proposition. 

If you want to buy this ebike, you can buy it from its Amazon page. If you want to explore more options, check these best fat tire ebikes!

Movcan V60 FAQs

Does the Movcan V60 come assembled?

The Movcan V60 comes 85% assembled. You get detailed assembly instructions along with the tool set for the purpose.

Is the Movcan V60 e-bike suitable for tall riders?

The Movcan V60 can accommodate riders between 5.5″ and 6.5″.

What is the weight and load capacity of the V60?

Due to its carbon steel frame construction, the V60 weighs 82.7 pounds (which is on the heavier side) and can accommodate up to 330lbs of payload.

How to use the cruise control on the V60 ebike?

To activate the cruise control on the V60 ebike, you need to turn the throttle and keep it at a certain speed for 6-8 seconds.

Movcan V60 Manufacturer's Specs

  • Motor: 1000W (1500W peak) motor
  • Max Speed: 30mph
  • No. of Assist Levels: 5
  • Battery: 48V 15.6Ah Lithium-ion
  • Max Range: Up to 70 miles 
  • Charger: 54V 2A Charger
  • Charging Time: 7-8 Hours 
  • Brakes: 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Suspension: Front & Rear – Mechanical
  • Frame Material: Carbon Steel
  • Max Load: 330lbs 
  • Transmission: Shimano 7-speed Tourney
  • Display: Backlit LCD 
  • Tire size: 20×4.0″ Fat 
  • Bike Weight: 82.7lbs (with Battery)
  • Rider Height: 5.5-6.5ft


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