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Even though Paselec isn’t a popular e-bike brand, I’m impressed with the performance of the Paselec GS9 Plus. While it may not be a top-notch bike out there, I still find it enjoyable to ride…especially on moderate off-road trails. If you’re looking for a mountain e-bike, it’s definitely worth considering.

Paselec GS9 Plus

$1699 (Paselec)

Perhaps you’re not familiar with Paselec, but they’re worth considering if you’re looking for a high-quality e-bike, such as the Paselec GS9 Plus. 

It’s not too expensive and works well for off-road riding. I was excited to try it out and found it to be very easy to ride on medium-difficulty trails, but you may want to check how weird the battery is when removing or inserting it. 

Overall, I really liked using the Paselec GS9 Plus and in this review, I will talk more about what it can do and what it’s good for.

Paselec GS9 Plus Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Sleek and clean design
Stable ride until the top speed
Comes with dustproof IP56
Weird battery removal and insertion
No fenders and rack
Cadence sensor lag
No rear light

Performance Review

The Paselec GS9 is an e-bike with a strong 750W motor and a 48V 14.5Ah power source that can be operated with both pedal assist and throttle. When I tested it on mid-level trails, the bike’s performance was good, although I think there are other bikes with similar features that perform better. 

The motor provides enough power, allowing me to reach a top speed of 46km/h using pedal assist and climb uphill with ease. Although the acceleration is a bit slow, I found the bike to be quite agile and easy to handle. Its design resembles that of a mountain bike overall which is really something to look at. Overall the GS9 Plus provides a great experience. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the individual performance tests.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 25 kph)
To be tested
Braking distance (25km/h to 0)
To be tested

Top Speed

The GS9 Plus has a top speed of 38.6km/h using only the throttle. While with pedal assist, the top speed is 46km/h. Nonetheless, I observed that it takes some time for the cadence sensor to activate, which I think contributes to the overall speed of the bike.


When I rode the GS9 Plus, I noticed that it had a slow takeoff, but once I started riding on asphalt, it felt really smooth and easy to handle.

Hill Climb

The GS9 Plus handled inclines fairly well. When using the throttle only, I maintained a minimum speed of 12.8 kph. With pedal assist, I could reach up to 19.3 kph in the 4th gear

Although it’s definitely capable of climbing hills, it doesn’t have the same kind of power as other 750W e-bikes.


The GS9 Plus has a battery capacity of 48V 14.5Ah which is quite impressive. During my test ride, the bike had a tested range of 35km, which is pretty decent for an e-bike of this level.

Ride Quality

The GS9 Plus gave me a smooth ride on both asphalt and middle-level off-roads, thanks to its full suspension and 26×4” tires. Unlike other e-bikes that can feel shaky and unstable, the bike felt stable even at top speed. 

The steering is okay and the power delivery is responsive but not top-notch. The big tires made cornering easy and weight distribution felt good, providing a stable ride all throughout my ride. 

The saddle was really soft and comfortable, but there is no fender, which I think is not a big deal considering this is a mountain e-bike.


When it comes to braking, the GS9 Plus has dual hydraulic brakes, which is a nice addition at this price point. The brake’s brand is Zoom and comes with 160mm rotors. Although I wish the rotors were 180mm, I still found the brakes to be very effective.

Overall, the hydraulic brake system on the GS9 Plus is a step up and sets it apart from other e-bikes in its price range.


The GS9 Plus is a full-suspension e-bike with both rear and front suspension

The front suspension has 120mm of travel and is adjustable and lockable. The rear suspension is from R&R and has 40mm of travel. Overall, the suspension felt nice.

Paselec GS9 Plus

$1499 on Amazon

*Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

Paselec GS9 Plus Features


The GS9 Plus is a sturdy bike with its aluminum alloy material, but at 32kg of weight, it’s quite heavy for me to maneuver around.


The GS9 Plus is priced at $1,699, which is a mid-range and reasonable price considering its specifications. While it can do the job well, there might be other bikes available in the market with better features at the same price point. This e-bike is also available at Amazon for only $1,499.


The GS9 Plus e-bike is not portable – you might need a pick-up to transport it. While it’s quite heavy, it’s also not foldable. Its dimensions are 41”x76”x44.5” for maximum height and 36”x76”x44.5” for minimum height, so you’ll need to have enough space to store it when not in use.


The styling of the GS9 Plus is quite impressive in my opinion. I really like the great overall design, and the battery is smartly concealed. The bike’s appearance is more like a mountain bike than an e-bike, which I find appealing. The bike has some internal wiring, which makes the e-bike look neater and less cluttered.

Battery Pack

The GS9 Plus e-bike is an excellent purchase because it has a battery that can be removed and locked, which is a really useful feature. The battery charges in about 5 hours, which is the usual amount of time for e-bikes that are priced the same. 

However, there is one thing that’s kind of frustrating – when it’s time to remove the battery, I have to tilt the bike to take it out, and there’s no other way to do it. It can be a bit of a hassle.


The GS9 Plus e-bike features a COLORED display, which makes it easy to read and provides a lot of useful information. The screen is still visible even when riding in bright daylight.


The GS9 Plus is equipped with Chaoyang CST 26×4″ fat tires providing exceptional grip on a variety of surfaces. The tires have an anti-slip tread which is a good feature that gives me the assurance to ride with confidence in any weather or terrain.


The GS9 Plus is equipped with a front light, but I suggest having an extra one for more light during the night. Sadly, the bike doesn’t have a rear or brake light.


The GS9 Plus is an excellent e-bike with a fully enclosed waterproof and dustproof IP56 rating. This means that I can ride comfortably in heavy rain or dusty areas without worrying about water or dust damage.


Paselec guarantees that the frame and fork will be defect-free for 1 year and parts such as motors, chargers, batteries, and controllers.

The warranty excludes damage from power surges, water damage, improper charger use, or improper maintenance. No compensation for damages or loss of use is included, and the warranty period cannot be extended.

Paselec GS9 Plus Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the Paselec GS9 Plus in a similar budget and specs range.

Paselec GS9 plus vs Engwe X26

Both the GS9 Plus and the Engwe X26 have a 750W motor, but while the GS9 Plus can reach a top speed of 46km/h, the Engwe X26 is faster and can reach a top speed of 47.7 km/h

The Engwe X26 also has a larger battery of 1402Wh, which provides an impressive range of 96.5 km, whereas the GS9 Plus has a battery of 696Wh and a range of 35 km

The Engwe X26 is heavier at 41 kg and has triple suspension, but it comes at a higher price of $1,899.99 compared to the GS9 Plus at $1,699.

Paselec GS9 Plus vs Drvetion BT20

When comparing the Paselec GS9 Plus and the Drvetion BT20, they have some notable differences. Although both e-bikes have a 750W motor, the Drvetion BT20 has a slower top speed of 42 km/h, while the GS9 Plus has a top speed of 46km/h. However, the GS9 has a larger battery of 696Wh, providing a longer range of 35km, whereas the Drvetion BT20 has a battery of 480Wh with a range of 29.9km.

The Drvetion BT20 is lighter in weight at 28.5 kg and has a single suspension, while the GS9 Plus has a dual suspension

The GS9 Plus is equipped with larger 26x4in tires compared to the BT20’s 20x4in. Additionally, the Drvetion BT20 comes at a lower price point of $1,399 compared to the GS9 Plus at $1,699.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

Paselec GS9 Plus Plus Engwe X26 Drvetion BT20
Motor 750W 750W 750W
Top Speed 46km/h 47.7km/h 42km/h
Battery 696Wh 1402Wh 480Wh
Range 35km 96.5km 29.9km
Weight 32kg (70.5lbs) 41kg (90.4lbs) 28.5kg (63 lbs)
Suspension Dual Triple Single
Tire size 26x4in 26x4in 20x4in
Price $1,699 $1,899.99 $1,399


The Paselec GS9 Plus is a great bike overall, but there are a few things that stood out to me. One of the things I really liked about this bike is the overall design. It looks like a mountain bike, which is a style that I personally enjoy. The frame is sturdy and well-built, making it capable of handling light trails with ease.

However, the bike could be improved in a couple of areas. While it’s great that the bike has a removable battery, I found the method of removing and inserting the battery to be somewhat weird. It would be great if Paselec could find a way to make this process smoother and more efficient. Additionally, I wish the bike included a rack and rear light.

All that said, I do think that Paselec did a good job with the GS9 Plus, especially considering that they are not a big brand. While there may be better options out there for those looking for a higher-end bike, if you’re just looking to ride light trails, the GS9 Plus is definitely worth considering.

Paselec GS9 Plus FAQs

Is the battery of the Paselec GS9 Plus replaceable?

Yes, the battery of the Paselec GS9 is replaceable. It has a 48V 14.5Ah power source, and you can purchase an additional battery and swap it when the current battery runs out of charge.

Can the Paselec GS9 Plus be used in both throttle and pedal assist modes?

Yes, the Paselec GS9 can be operated in both throttle and pedal assist modes.

What is the recommended height range for a person to ride the Paselec GS9 Plus?

The recommended height range for a person to ride the Paselec GS9 Plus is between 5.4 to 6.4 feet. This height range is considered ideal for this bike, as it allows the rider to comfortably and safely handle the bike while riding.

Can the Paselec GS9 Plus be used for off-road riding?

Yes, the Paselec GS9 can be used for off-road riding. It has a 750W brushless hub motor, which provides ample power for tackling steep hills and rough terrain.

Paselec GS9 Plus Manufacturer's Specs

  • Brand: Paselec
  • Model: GS9 Plus
  • Tire: CST 26×4” fat tire
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Battery: 48V 14.5Ah
  • Suspension: Dual Suspension
  • Brake: Dual hydraulic disc brake
  • Torque: 65Nm
  • Motor Power: 750W
  • Top speed: 38.6km/h
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Display: COLORED
  • Range: 35km
  • Charging Time: 5hrs
  • Throttle: Yes
  • Maximum load: 136kg 
  • Light: Headlight: Integrated front light
  • Dimension: 41”x76”x44.5” for max height,  36”x76”x44.5” for max height
  • Appropriate height: 5.4-6.4ft
  • Pedals: Yes
  • Gear shifter: A5 9-speed 
  • Saddle: Yes


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