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Urtopia, the electric bike manufacturer known for the elegant and futuristic Carbon One, is all set to launch its second bike on March 6th, 2023. Urtopia’s new commuter e-bike “Chord” is shrouded in secrecy, but we have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the upcoming product in Shenzhen.

Here are some of the exciting features that we were able to discover. 

Aluminum Alloy Frame

The Urtopia Chord seems to be made of aluminum alloy, in contrast to the carbon-fiber frame of its predecessor, the Carbon One. This indicates that it will be more affordable.

The Chord will have a feathery-light, minimalistic build, with an elegant, sleek, and neat exterior design that hides all the wires.

Same 250W Powertrain

As for the powertrain, the Urtopia Chord will come equipped with the same 36V 250W hub powertrain as seen in the Carbon One. 

The motor is expected to be complemented by the same torque sensor for an agile, smooth and responsive ride. 

And while the bike does not have a throttle, there seems to be a booster button that will help riders get an extra push when needed.

Semi-Integrated Battery

Like the Carbon One, the Urtopia Chord is expected to have a semi-integrated battery in the frame, with the same 36V 10Ah capacity.

The battery design ensures that the bike maintains its sleek and minimalistic appearance, without sacrificing convenience of out-of-frame charging.

Meet Urtopia’s New Commuter E-Bike: “The Chord“. Photo Credit: eBikeDaily

26″ City Tires

Unlike the 700c (27.5″) tires used in the Carbon One, the Chord will come with 26-inch city tires.

The tire’s size is ideal for maneuvering through the urban environment… And the somewhat smaller dia could be one of the factors that have helped Urtopia reduce the Chord’s tag.

Eight Speed Gears

Unlike its single-speed belt-driven predecessor, the Urtopia Chord will come equipped with an Acera 8-speed transmission with Revoshift gear control, making it easy to shift gears and tackle inclines while riding.

Dual Hydraulic Brakes

Since safety has a key role in Utopia’s design philosophy, the Chord too will come with dual hydraulic disc brakes (seen in the Carbon One) to provide superior and responsive stopping power and ensure a safe riding experience. 

Loaded With Tech!!!!

Like the Carbon One, the Urtopia Chord will feature a big-ass screen with digital readings, and will also have a fingerprint lock. 

Urtopia's Upcoming E-Bike "The Chord".

Urtopia’s New Commuter E-Bike “The Chord“. Photo Credit: eBikeDaily

The (expected) LED dot-matrix display will be compatible with iOS and Android apps… And it will most probably feature an eSIM with 4G, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity.

The bike may also have voice control like its predecessor.

An Affordable Price Tag

Thanks to ditching excesses like carbon fiber frame and belt drivetrain, Utopia has managed to significantly cut down costs. 

In contrast to the €3,299 Carbon One, we believe the Chord will be priced much lower at €2,000… or even less. 

Will This Be Another Success?

With its combination of elegance and technology, we cannot help but wonder if the Urtopia Chord will be another success for the brand. 

After all, the bike promises to deliver a seamless riding experience with cutting-edge features… and an affordable tag!!!!

We Simply Can’t Wait!

Urtopia has established itself as a brand that combines style and innovation like no one else on the market. And the upcoming bike will be no exception. 

We can’t wait to see what other surprises Urtopia has in store for us when this bike launches on March 6th!

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