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The Heybike Mars is a powerful yet affordable fat tire electric bike that can be perfect for any multi-terrain adventure. And since it’s folding as well, you can take it with you on any kind of trip. 

The features that make it different from its rivals include a super-sturdy frame and a super-comfortable ride. It’s also one of the highest-rated electric bikes on Amazon. Let’s have a detailed look at what this bike offers… and what it misses!

Heybike Mars eBike Specs

  • Motor: 48V 500W brushless geared rear hub
  • Top speed: 20mph (32km/h) – Class 2
  • Battery: 48V 12.5Ah (600Wh) Lithium-ion
  • Range: 37-48 miles (60-77km)
  • Charging: 6-7 hours
  • Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Wheel Size: 20”
  • Tires: 4.0” puncture-resistant
  • Frame: Folding
  • Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Max load: 330lbs (150kg)
  • Gears: Shimano 7-speed
  • Brakes: Dual Disc Brakes
  • Suspension: Adjustable/ lockable front fork + saddle suspension
  • Extras: Integrated front/ rear lights, front/ rear fenders, electric horn, rear rack, kickstand 
  • Best deal RN:

Heybike Mars Electric Bike/ eBike Review

Heybike Mars eBike Review

The 48V 500W Motor is Impressive

The Heybike Mars features a 48V 500W brushless geared hub motor in the rear. The motor has more than enough torque for hill climbing and if you weigh average, you can easily traverse inclines as steep as 20 degrees.

Being a Class 2 eBike, the peak speed is capped at 20mph (32km/h). 

The Removable Battery is Beyond Impressive

The Heybike Mars has a massive 48V 12.5Ah removable/ lockable Lithium battery tucked behind the seat post. The battery placement is great and the removable mechanism is even better. You just need to fold the seat using the latch at the back, unlock the battery, and pull it out. 

The battery can allow you to undertake longer adventures, thanks to its efficient nature and 600Wh capacity. Under ideal conditions, you can actually get close to the claimed 48-mile range, but you won’t be able to achieve it if you weigh more than average or you use the bike over hills and inclines.

But that’s something you encounter with every single eBike that exists in the world, so I won’t say it’s a downside.

The Pedal-Assist System Has Three Levels

The Heybike Mars has a 12-magnet cadence-based pedal-assist sensor and offers 3 levels to adjust your motor assistance according to your need. 

You can easily adjust the assist levels using the + and – buttons on the LCD panel. While having three levels is just fine, the power delivery isn’t as refined and responsive as you get with 4 or 5-level assist.

It can in NO WAY be a deal-breaker though!

The 7-Speed Drivetrain & Brakes Work Great

The Heybike Mars uses dual mechanical disc brakes that work great regardless of weather or terrain. You also get a brake light in the rear.

As for the drivetrain, it uses a Shimano 7S transmission to let you tame all the power by seamless switching of gears. It means you can get cruising speeds on flat roads and get more climbing ability on uphills. 

The Front Fork & Saddle Suspension Are Top-Notch

The Heybike Mars doesn’t have a rear suspension, but the suspension fork in the front does a good job at absorbing bumps and jerks from the ride. The front fork is both adjustable and lockable, so it lets you sail in the most efficient manner both on and off the road. 

Thankfully, you also have a saddle suspension to comfortably sail over rocky trails and rugged hills. The fat tires too add to the cushioning and ensure a smooth experience. 

The 20×4” Fat Tires Can Meet Any Challenge

The 20×4” fat tires are arguably one of the most notable highlights. They are resistant to punctures and have an anti-skid knobby tread for maximum traction on all kinds of terrains, including rocks, dirt, gravel, mud, snow & sand.

The insides of the rim also have bulging red circles, which add to the overall look of the bike and turn heads whenever you ride it.

The Frame is One of the Sturdiest in Class

The Heybike Mars has one of the sturdiest frames you find on the market and can easily haul 330lbs (150kg) of payload. It also features a strong cargo rack that you can use to haul your camping gear or other stuff, as long as it doesn’t exceed 100lbs (45kg).

Both the handlebar height and seat height are adjustable to ensure comfortable riding for anyone who has a height from 5’3″ to 6’3″.

Another notable feature is that the Heybike Mars has a folding design that allows you to throw it in the car trunk. It can also allow for easy storage for people who live in small apartments. When folded down, the Mars measures just 37x15x11” or 94x38x29cm.

The 66lbs Weight is on the Heavier Side

The most notable downside of the Heybike Mars is that its weight of 66lbs (30kg) is a bit on the higher side. So, while you can fold it down… moving it around, carrying it up stairs or taking it into public transit won’t be the easiest thing, to be honest.

If you can ignore just this… the Mars can be a great ride overall.

It Comes With EVERYTHING You Need

The Heybike Mars has both head and tail lights for night safety… and also has mudguards on front and rear. Another nice feature is the electric horn, that’s way better than the mechanical bell.

You also have a compact LCD screen mounted on the left side of the handlebar to monitor your ride. Another great feature is that the battery pack has a USB port to let you charge your phone on the go.


Things I don’t like:

  • The frame is not lightweight, which means carrying it around will be difficult.
  • There are 3 levels of assist, which don’t provide as much control over motor power as 4 and 5 levels do.

Things I like:

  • The frame is quite sturdy and can endure 330lbs (150kg) of load.
  • The rear cargo rack too is quite sturdy and practical. It can carry 100lbs (45kg) of cargo.
  • The 20-inch x 4-inch fat tires are as capable as you can expect them to be.
  • The front suspension fork & saddle suspension make your rides extremely comfortable, even on bumpy and rugged terrains.
  • The bike is complete with integrated head/ tail lights, front/ rear fenders, electric horn, rear rack, kickstand.

Best deals right now:

The Heybike Mars fat tire eBike has an affordable tag but has almost premium-level features. It is unarguably worth way more than what the price it carries.

The features that make it stand out from the competition are a sturdy frame, a super-comfortable ride, and plenty of accessories. 

Overall, it’s one of the best fat tire electric bikes on the market in the affordable category. It also has an exceptional rating on Amazon. It provides a solid value for money and can be a great ride for anyone. 

So, that was our Heybike Mars eBike Review. I hope you liked it. In case you want to check out more options, here are the best fat tire eBikes on the market right now! 


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