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The Hitway BK15M, priced at just $549, is a wallet-friendly 26″ electric mountain bike. It seamlessly blends fashionable aesthetics with a host of impressive features considering its cost. With a 7-speed Shimano transmission, dual disc brakes, and an efficient powertrain, this 26” e-bike offers exceptional value for money!
Hitway stands out as a leading brand for budget-friendly electric bikes on Amazon. Whether you’re seeking a smooth urban ride or craving off-road adventures, Hitway presents an impressively affordable lineup of e-bikes. Yet, when we turn our attention to the BK15M electric bike, Hitway has truly outdone themselves.

While the BK15M may not reach the heights of high-end eMTBs, its features are undeniably impressive. It boasts a 7-speed Shimano gear system, a robust front fork, and an efficient powertrain, all for just $549. Remarkably, despite its affordability, the bike makes no compromises – neither on quality nor on performance. Let’s delve deeper into features it has to offer.

Hitway BK15M

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Super-budget tag
Nimble steering & handling
Lightweight aluminum frame
Stylish and neat exterior
Doesn’t come with fenders
Lacks rear light
Limited hill climbing ability

Performance Review

The powertrain of the Hitway BK15M electric bike comprises a 500W motor at the rear hub, operating with a 36-volt battery system. The e-bike offers 3 modes. First, there’s the conventional pedaling mode, where you ride it akin to a regular bicycle. Second, a pedal-assist mode, where the motor supplements your pedaling efforts. Lastly, an entirely electric mode, enabling you to propel the bike using a twist throttle without pedaling. The bike incorporates a cadence sensor that detects your pedaling motions when using the PAS mode.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
20.6 mph
21.2 miles
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)
~17 seconds
Braking Distance (20 to 0 mph)
*to be tested

Top Speed

The Hitway BK15M falls within the Class 2 e-bike category, designed for speeds of up to 20mph. This speed is suitable for most purposes, but curiosity got the better of me, prompting me to unlock its full potential. Still, I managed to reach just 20.6mph on a level road. This is understandable considering that the 500W motor is backed by a 36V source.


During my test ride with the Hitway BK15M electric bike on a level, well-paved road, I achieved a speed of 20mph in approximately 17 seconds. While it may not be exceptionally fast, this performance is quite commendable, particularly considering it’s a 36V e-bike… and has an affordable price tag. Once I hit the 20mph mark, the bike maintained a steady pace with minimal deceleration. If I were to draw a comparison regarding the acceleration of the Hitway BK15M to another e-bike, it closely resembled the experience I had with the Oraimo M100.

Hill Climb

While the Hitway BK15M may not be the ultimate champion for hill climbing, it still puts up a respectable effort. Ascending steep inclines, even those exceeding 15 degrees (despite the brand’s claim of a 25-degree capacity), presented a challenge. However, the presence of 7-speed gears on the bike somewhat helped in mitigating the difficulty. 

In case you want something for hills, the RAEV Bullet GT remains unrivaled in uphill performance. Even as of now, I’ve yet to encounter a bike that surpasses it in this regard.


The Hitway BK15M electric bike is outfitted with mechanical disc brakes. While I haven’t had the chance to put the brakes through their paces, I’m already surprised by their apparent quality. Sure, hydraulic brakes offer superior performance, but considering the bike’s affordability and top speed, having disc brakes is enough. It’s worth noting that numerous bikes within this price bracket continue to rely on older rim or drum brake systems, with some even sticking to outdated technologies like drum brakes, as seen with certain Hurley models.

Ride Quality

Despite its affordable price point, the Hitway BK15M bike doesn’t compromise on rider comfort. The sport-style saddle provides a reasonably cushioned seat… and due to the lightweight build, steering and control are effortless. And while the cadence sensor might not be lightning-fast in detecting pedal inputs, it’s reasonable given the bike’s price. Additionally, the front suspension effectively enhances ride comfort on rough and uneven terrains.


The Hitway BK15M e-bike comes equipped with a front mechanical fork, allowing for smoother rides on uneven terrain. However, it’s worth noting that the suspension isn’t adjustable to suit various road conditions. If you’re in search of a bike with dual or adaptable suspension, there are numerous options available. Among the budget e-bikes I’ve had the opportunity to test, I was particularly impressed by the suspension system on the Engwe Engine X.


The Hitway BK15M boasts a 36V 12Ah battery, packing a substantial 432 watt-hours of energy. During my range test, I covered approximately 21.2 miles using both throttle mode and pedal-assist mode. The terrain included mostly flat sections, with occasional uphill segments. Considering the bike’s budget-friendly price, this range is quite commendable. However, if you’re in search of e-bikes with greater range capabilities, you might want to explore options like the Bandit X-Trail Pro or the Aniioki A8 Pro Max – both of these are equipped with sizable batteries designed for extended rides.


The Hitway BK15M electric bike offers Shimano 7-speed transmission that allows for seamless gear transitions, enabling riders to cruise at comfortable speeds. Since the top speed is 20mph, there is no ghost pedaling.

Hitway BK15M

See the Hitway BK15M

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Hitway BK15M


The Hitway BK15M, positioned as a budget-friendly e-bike, is currently listed on Amazon at $649. But with a $100 discount coupon, the price comes out to be $549. At this remarkable price point, you gain access to an array of features including 7-speed Shimano gears, a front suspension fork, and 26″ mountain tires.


The Hitway BK15M has a frame made from a lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy. With the battery included, the entire bike tips the scales at just 51.4lbs… and has a weight capacity of 265lbs. In terms of aesthetics, the BK15M takes on the appearance of a conventional mountain bike with the battery mounted externally. The wiring is internal and neatly organized… and the bike offers a choice between three color options: white, blue, and black. For those in search of an aesthetically pleasing bike without breaking the bank, this stylish ebike from Engwe is definitely worth considering.


The Hitway BK15M is equipped with a 36V 12Ah Lithium-ion battery, positioned on the downtube. This battery is not only removable but also lockable, offering convenience for those who prefer indoor charging. Included with the battery is a standard 2A charger, capable of fully charging the battery’s power in 5-6 hours.


The display on the Hitway BK15M bike is positioned on the left side of the handlebar. It features a sleek design with a backlit screen, ensuring effortless visibility of crucial information such as your speed, remaining battery charge, and the selected PAS (Pedal Assist System) mode. Whether you’re cycling at night or under the bright sun, the screen remains consistently easy to read.


The Hitway BK15M is fitted with knobby 26-inch tires, measuring 2.125 inches in width. While they may not be as sizable as 27.5-inch tires, which excel in rolling over obstacles, these tires shine in their terraingripping capabilities, performing admirably on a variety of surfaces. If you want 27.5” tires, you can check out this stellar eMTB from Totguard. It also offers Shimano 21 gears and is much cheaper!


The Hitway BK15M e-bike does not include built-in rear light, but it has a front lamp for nighttime visibility. Also, it does feature essential safety elements like reflectors on both the front and rear, as well as on the pedals and wheels. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the bike does not come equipped with fenders, which could provide protection against mud and water splashes.


The Hitway BK15M e-bike is accompanied by a standard 12-month warranty. This comprehensive warranty extends coverage to key components such as the motor, battery, display, front fork, and various other parts of the bike. Further details on the brand’s warranty policy can be found here.

Hitway BK15M

If you’re seeking additional alternatives, here are two other e-bike options available at a similar price point as the Hitway BK15M.

Hitway BK15M vs Ancheer eMTB

Priced under $400, the Ancheer electric mountain bike boasts superior performance with its 500W hub motor, offering slightly higher speeds and enhanced hill-climbing capabilities compared to the BK15M, which is also equipped with a motor of same wattage. However, the BK15M packs a larger 432Wh battery, translating to an extended range of about 21.2 miles per charge.

In terms of weight and carrying capacity, the BK15M is a tad heavier at 51.4lbs. On the other hand, the Ancheer eMTB is lighter at 44 pounds and can still carry up to 265 pounds. The Ancheer also features Shimano 21 gears…and has a significant lead in its price point, offering a compelling advantage in terms of affordability.

Hitway BK15M vs Jasion EB5

Unlike the Hitway BK15M, the Jasion EB5 is equipped with a 350W motor. But it provides comparable performance across various terrains. The BK15M, however, edges slightly ahead in terms of speed, reaching up to 20.6mph compared to the EB5’s 19.2 miles per hour.

Additionally, the BK15M boasts a larger 432Wh battery, offering extended ride distances compared to the Jasion EB5, which features a smaller 360 watt-hour battery. Furthermore, both bikes share similar weights, have similar carrying capacity, and offer 7 speed gears.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of these three mountain e-bikes, let’s delve deeper into their respective features.

Hitway BK15M Ancheer eMTB Jasion EB5
Motor 500 W 500 W 350 W
Top Speed 20.6mph 21.9mph 19.2mph
Battery 432Wh 374Wh 360Wh
Range 21.2 miles 18.4 miles 19.5 miles
Weight 51.4lbs 44lbs 50lbs
Load Rating 265lbs
Transmission Shimano 7S Shimano 21S Shimano 7S
Price $549 $389 $399


Priced at an affordable $549, the Hitway BK15M electric bike impresses with its stylish design and commendable performance. While it falls within the budget category, it excels on urban roads, boasting a range of excellent features that position it as a strong contender in its class. 

Notably, the bike features a 7-speed Shimano transmission, a front fork, dual disc brakes, and an efficient powertrain. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to consider – the bike doesn’t have fenders and rear light, the front fork is not lockable, and the hill climbing ability is quite limited. Nevertheless, given its budget-friendly price tag, the BK15M remains an excellent choice.

In case you’re interested in purchasing this electric bike, you can find it on its Amazon page linked below. Additionally, for more options, be sure to explore these top e-bikes  under $2,000, under $1,000, or under $500!

Hitway BK15M FAQs

Is the Hitway BK15M e-bike well-suited for taller riders?

The Hitway BK15M e-bike can cater to riders with heights ranging from 162-195cm.

Is the Hitway BK15M electric bike waterproof?

The Hitway BK15M electric bike has an IP54 waterpoof rating, which provides it with sufficient resistance to water splashes.

What is the weight of the BK15M, and what is its weight capacity?

The Hitway BK15M is constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, resulting in a net weight of 51.4lbs. It offers a weight capacity of 265 lbs, making it suitable for teenagers.

What is the range of the Hitway BK15M electric bike?

The Hitway BK15M e-bike is equipped with a 432Wh battery. During my test, I was able to achieve a ride of approximately 21.2 miles by utilizing a mix of the throttle and the pedal-assist mode.

Hitway BK15M Manufacturer's Specs

  • Motor: 500W hub motor 
  • Max Speed: 20mph 
  • No. of Riding Modes: 3
  • Battery: 36V 12Ah (432Wh)
  • Max Range: 20-50 Miles 
  • Charger: 2A Charger
  • Charging Time: 5-6 Hours 
  • Brakes: Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes 
  • Front Suspension: Mechanical 
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Bike Weight: 51.4lbs (with Battery)
  • Max Load: 265lbs 
  • Transmission: Shimano 7-speed 
  • Display: LCD
  • Tires: 26×2.125” Mountain
  • Rider Height: 162-195cm


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