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Having an e-bike comes with a quite of a maintenance, from cleaning the body, checking the tires, and constantly checking the chains for oil. What if you can have a bike with less of a maintenance? The NIU BQI-C3 is a single-belt drive that let’s you have a a less maintenance without sacrificing durability and riding quality.
NIU is know for creating e-scooters with durability and sleek design. And releasing their first e-bike is surely something you should look fore. The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is a stylish and comfortable e-bike priced at $1,999.

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is a step-thru bike with a two-toned look providing a more premium and sleek body. Equipped with dual batteries, you can now enjoy having long rides. This bike is well-packed, neat, and will give you a great performance that’ll satisfy you.

So today, I will share my experience with the NIU BQI-C3 Pro and give you a detailed breakdown of its features and performance.

NIU BQI-C3 Pro Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Comes with a stylish design
Comes with dual battery
Comes with a single-speed belt-drive
Comes with a built-in rear rack
Flimsy throttle
No suspension

Performance Review

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is a Class 3 electric bike with a top speed of 28mph. Its stylish and sleek step-thru design makes it visually appealing. One of the standout features is th single-belt drive and also the dual battery setup, which significantly extends the bike’s range, providing up to 90 miles of travel when both batteries are used at a speed of 9mph on pedal assist 1. The bike’s weight is manageable at 70 lbs, making it relatively easy to handle.

When it comes to ride quality, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro delivers a nice and stable ride. The nominal power of 500W and peak power of 750W provide sufficient acceleration and performance.

The 27.5×2.4″ air-filled pneumatic tires contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride over various terrains. However, one area of improvement is the bike’s performance on inclines. While the pedal assists handles inclines slowly but with ease, the throttle did not perform as well in these situations.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 25 kph)
To be tested
Braking Distance (25 to 0 kph)
To be tested

Top Speed

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro impressed me with its top speed, reaching a quite nice 28 mph on the pedal assist. The throttle had a maximum speed of 20 mph. The bike falls into the class 3 designation.



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro’s acceleration felt smooth. Whether I used any of the pedal assists, the gradual increase in speed felt natural, and it gave me a sense of control, as if I was seamlessly integrating with the bike’s power.

Hill Climb

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro’s performance on inclines was somewhat mixed. I managed a 12% grade incline slowly. When relying solely on the throttle, it didn’t perform well on steep inclines while the pedal assist performed much better and managed the inclines more effectively.


The NIU BQI-C3 Pro has an impressive range thanks to its dual battery. With a total battery capacity of 48V 10Ah each, providing a combined power of 920Wh, the bike offers good endurance for long rides.

I achieved an impressive range of 90 miles using the 1st pedal assist mode only, maintaining a slow and steady speed of 9mph. I tested the range separately for both the throttle and pedal assist modes. The throttle provided a respectable range of 50 miles, while the pedal assist mode outperformed with a range of 90 miles. I was able to achieve 45 miles on PAS 1 using a single battery, and this was achieved on a flat road at a speed of 9mph with a weight of 165 lbs.

Ride Quality

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro provided a smooth and stable ride, which I like. The steering felt nimble and agile, making it easy to navigate through various terrains. I like the power delivery as both the pedal assist and thumb throttle was responsive without any noticeable lag.

The weight distribution on the bike felt well-balanced, and it handled the ride with good stability, even when carrying loads of up to 287 lbs.

The bike’s nominal 500W motor and powerful 750W peak power provided ample assistance during my rides. The three levels of pedal assist further enhanced the overall riding experience, allowing me to choose the level of assistance that best suited my needs and the terrain I was riding on.



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is equipped with mechanical disc brakes made by NIU and a 180mm rotor, which I like over the typical 160mm size and provides better braking performance. The bike also has motor/power cut-off levers, ensuring quick and efficient stopping power.

While the mechanical disc brake is okay, I personally prefer hydraulic brakes, especially for a class 3 bike like this one.



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro has no suspension at all, which was a bit disappointing as it affects the overall ride comfort, especially on rough or uneven terrain. 


$1,999 on Amazon

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NIU BQI-C3 Pro Features


The NIU BQI-C3 Pro features a well-built frame with a two-toned aluminum body, which gives it a sleek and modern appearance. The bike’s weight of 70 lbs is manageable and does not feel overly heavy during rides. You’ll also have a bike load rating of 287 lbs.

The rear rack has a load rating of up to 30kg and is practical and convenient. Although the bike is not foldable, it’s not an issue for me as the step-thru design already provides excellent accessibility and ease of use.


The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is available at a price of $1,999 both on the website and on Amazon. Currently, it is on sale, offering a discounted price from its regular cost of $2,199.


The NIU BQI-C3 Pro’s portability has a dimension measuring 74″ x 40″ x 41″. Its low 12.6-inch stand-over height makes it accessible and suitable for riders with heights ranging from 5’2″ to 6’6″. 



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro’s styling is impressive and sleek. I particularly like its step-thru design, which not only looks elegant but also provides easy access and a comfortable riding position. The two-toned color adds to the overall aesthetics, giving the bike a modern and sophisticated look.

The bike features internal wiring, contributing to a clean and clutter-free appearance. The external wiring is neatly done, ensuring a tidy and organized look throughout the bike.


Battery Pack

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro’s battery pack is a convenient and user-friendly feature. It is removable, making it easy to charge the battery separately from the bike. The lockable design also adds an extra layer of security.

The charging time for both batteries is up to 10 hours, which is okay considering it’s dual batteries.


The NIU BQI-C3 Pro comes equipped with a colored TFT display, measuring 3.5 inches. The display showcases a wealth of information and features, which I find quite useful during my rides. However, I noticed that it’s not as visible under bright sunlight. The display automatically dims when the headlight is turned on, ensuring better visibility during nighttime rides.

Despite the slight visibility issue in daylight, I appreciate the abundance of information presented on the colored display. It provides essential details such as speed, battery level, pedal assist level, and more, allowing me to stay informed about my ride at a glance.



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is equipped with 27.5″X2.4″ air-filled pneumatic tires specifically designed for street use. These tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride on pavements and urban roads, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and city rides.

The tires are puncture-resistant, but I do not recommend them for mid-terrain or off-road use.



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is equipped with impressive lights that enhance both visibility and style. The daytime Halo-style headlight not only provides excellent illumination for riding during the day but also adds a touch of premium elegance to the bike’s overall design. The integrated brake light is a valuable safety addition also.



The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is not your average IP2 bike. The battery has an IP67 rating, ensuring it is protected against dust and can withstand immersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. The motor, on the other hand, has an IP65 rating, indicating strong resistance to dust and protection against water jets from any direction.

The overall bike has an IP45 rating, meaning it offers some level of protection against dust and water splashes, making it suitable for light rainy conditions.


The NIU BQI-C3 Pro comes with a 2-year warranty and a 14-day return upon receiving the item with defects or minor scratches.

Additional Accessory

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro comes with practical accessories that add to its overall functionality and convenience. One notable accessory is the built-in rear rack, another useful feature is the dual chord for the same charging on both batteries allowing me to charge both batteries at the same time! Cool right? There is also an inclusion of the tool kit whenever you have minor parts that needs to tighten screws.


NIU BQI-C3 Pro Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the NIU BQI-C3 Pro in a similar style and performance

NIU BQI-C3 Pro vs Engwe L20

Between the NIU BQI-C3 Pro and the Engwe L20, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro offers a more powerful motor with 750W peak compared to the Engwe L20’s 750W. Additionally, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro boasts a higher top speed of 28mph, providing faster acceleration and greater versatility on the road. 

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro also excels in battery capacity, offering an impressive 920Wh for a remarkable range of 90 miles, while the Engwe L20 has a battery capacity of 624Wh with a range of 40 miles. Moreover, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro is lighter, weighing 70lbs compared to the Engwe L20’s 77 lbs, making it more agile and easier to handle. While the Engwe L20 does come with a single suspension, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro lacks any suspension, which might be a consideration for riders seeking additional comfort on rough terrains. 

Finally, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro is priced at $1,999, slightly higher than the Engwe L20’s $1,199, but considering the better motor performance, higher top speed, extended battery range, and lighter weight, it presents a compelling choice for riders looking for a powerful and efficient electric bike.

NIU BQI-C3 Pro vs Aventon Sinch.2

Comparing the NIU BQI-C3 Pro and the Aventon Sinch.2, both bikes offer a 750W motor, delivering an impressive top speed of 28mph. 

The NIU BQI-C3 Pro, however, takes the lead in battery capacity with its 920Wh, providing an outstanding range of 90 miles compared to the Aventon Sinch.2’s 720Wh and 55-mile range. The NIU BQI-C3 Pro is also lighter, weighing 70 lbs, while the Aventon Sinch.2 weighs 77 lbs. 

Additionally, the Aventon Sinch.2 comes with a dual suspension, enhancing its ability to handle rough terrains and providing a smoother ride, which the NIU BQI-C3 Pro lacks. In terms of pricing, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro is priced at $1,999, slightly higher than the Aventon Sinch.2’s $1,699. 

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

NIU BQI-C3 Pro Engwe L20 Aventon Sinch .2
Motor 750 W 750 W 750 W
Top Speed 28 mph 25 mph 28 mph
Battery 920 Wh 624 Wh 720 Wh
Range 90 miles 40 miles 55 miles
Weight 32 kg  35 kg  35 kg 
Suspension None Single Dual
Price $ 1,999 $1,199 $ 1,699


I was really impressed with the NIU BQI-C3 Pro’s stylish and neat design, which gives it a premium look suitable for daily city commuting. The single-belt drive is a standout feature, offering exceptional durability and minimal maintenance, a feature rarely seen in regular bikes. Moreover, the dual chord for simultaneous charging of both batteries adds convenience to my rides.

However, there are areas that could be improved, such as the thumb throttle, which feels flimsy and might not last long, and I would appreciate the inclusion of hydraulic brakes for better braking performance, especially considering the bike’s Class 3 designation.

One significant drawback is the absence of any suspension, which affects the bike’s overall comfort, especially on rough terrains.


Is the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike foldable for easy storage and transport?

No, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike is not foldable. However, its compact design and lightweight frame make it easy to maneuver and store in smaller spaces.

Does the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike come with a USB charging port for electronic devices?

Yes, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike is equipped with a built-in USB charging port, allowing you to charge your electronic devices on the go.

Can I use the throttle and pedal assist simultaneously on the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike?

Yes, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike offers the option to use both the throttle and pedal-assist modes simultaneously for a customized riding experience.

Does the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike have an app or digital display for monitoring and controlling features?

Yes, the NIU BQI-C3 Pro electric bike comes with a mobile app and a digital display (LCD) that allows you to monitor battery level, speed, and other essential information, and adjust settings as needed.

NIU BQI-C3 Pro Manufacturer's Specs

  • Brand: NIU
  • Model:  BQI-C3 Pro
  • Top speed: 28mph
  • Top range: 90 miles
  • Weight: 70lbs
  • Max load: 287lbs
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Transmission: Single-speed drive
  • Torque: 45Nm
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc brake 
  • Rotor: 180mm
  • Suspension: None
  • Tires:  27.5″X2.4″ air-filled pneumatic tires
  • Tire type: Street tread
  • Class: Class 3 
  • Motor nominal: 500W Brushless motor
  • Motor Peak: 750W
  • Battery: 920Wh Dual (48v 10Ah)
  • Battery brand: NIU
  • Charging time: 10 hrs
  • Dimension: 74″ x 40″ x 41″
  • Recommended height: 5’2″-6’6″
  • Display: Colored TFT Display (3.5inches)
  • Saddle: Soft NIU saddle
  • Fenders: Plastic
  • Lights: Daytime Halo-style headlight and integrated brake light
  • Frame: Two-toned 
  • Colors: Matte Black/ White/ Glossy Gray
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Pedal assist: 3 modes
  • Sensor: Cadence
  • IP: IP45 splash-resistant


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