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I’m amazed by the performance of the Euybike S4. This moped-style e-bike is not only functional but also enjoyable to ride whether city rides or off-road. The power it gives, comfortable to ride, its long-lasting battery, and its sleek design all come together to create a bike that delivers a nice performance. If you’re looking for a bike that offers a great riding experience, the Euybike S4 is an e-bike to consider.

Euybike S4


The Euybike S4 takes the e-bike performance factor to a whole new level. It’s a great bike priced at $1,399.

Unlike typical moped-style bikes, the Euybike S4 stands out with its larger frame, offering a great experience. If you’re in search of an e-bike that excels in long-distance rides, you won’t be disappointed by its massive battery capacity, riding comfortability, and overall riding performance.

So today, I will share my experience with the Euybike S4 and give you a detailed breakdown of its features and performance.

Euybike S4 Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Comes with a massive battery
Excellent range
Great load capability
Comes with fenders
Comes with an LED daytime headlight
No foot pegs for rear rider
Cadence lag

Performance Review

The Euybike S4 has an impressive top speed, as I reached over 28 mph through pedal assist. When it came to range, I was able to cover 75 miles with pedal assist. The acceleration from 0 to the top speed of 20 mph took 9.4 seconds when relying solely on the throttle. 

With a 20-degree uphill climb, the half-twist throttle alone gives a nice performance. With a nominal motor power of 1000W and a peak power of 1200W, the Euybike S4 is not your normal e-bike when it comes to power. The motor torque of 96Nm ensured a smooth and powerful ride throughout my riding experience.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 20 mph)
9.4 secs
Braking Distance (25 to 0 kph)
To be tested

Top Speed

The Euybike S4 impressed me with its top speed as I was able to reach a maximum speed of 28 mph with pedal assist.



The acceleration of the Euybike S4 felt really smooth. It didn’t have the strong resistance you sometimes get with more powerful bikes, but it still took off pretty well. The 96Nm torque is also quite good for the price point. 

Hill Climb

The Euybike S4 handled the inclines pretty well in general. It smoothly took me up the hills, even when I started from a standstill. Whether I used the throttle or pedal assist, the bike provided a pleasant ride while tackling inclines. 


The Euybike S4 is really impressive with its massive battery capacity of 48V 25Ah! The battery brand used is Pansonic, kinda reliable for me.

I achieved a range of 75 miles with pedal assist. In terms of separate testing for range on throttle and pedal assist, the bike performed well. When relying solely on the throttle, I was able to cover up to 40 miles.

Ride Quality

The Euybike S4 provided a consistently smooth ride throughout. When riding on asphalt, it was particularly enjoyable and even off-road, the full suspension ensured a comfortable experience. I had no issues whatsoever, as the responsive suspensions handled bumps effectively, and the front suspension could be adjusted to my liking.

The steering of the Euybike S4 was nimble and agile, allowing me to navigate with ease. The power delivery was responsive, with the throttle efficiently getting the job done. Cornering was good thanks to the impressive 20×4″ Kenda tires that provided good traction.

In terms of weight distribution and ride stability, this moped-style bike is really great. It is larger than typical bikes of its kind, capable of handling weights up to 400 lbs. Also, I really love the saddle of the Euybike S4. It comes with a seat extension, providing a generous 14″ length for added comfort.



The Euybike S4 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which are really good. The brakes are branded Logan, and get the job done. The diameter of the brake rotors measures 160mm, although I personally wish they were 180mm as the standard size.



The Euybike S4 features a full suspension setup, including an alloy front suspension and mid-shock suspension. The front suspension fork is not only adjustable but also lockable, thanks to its dual crown design. I had the opportunity to ride the bike off-road and even tried it on the sand, and the suspension performed well, providing a really nice experience.

While the Euybike S4 does not have a seat post suspension, the saddle itself is super long and incredibly comfortable. It features a soft PU shock absorber seat, ensuring an enjoyable ride.


Euybike S4


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Euybike S4 Features


The Euybike S4 features a high-carbon steel frame, which ensures durability and strength. The bike itself weighs 76 lbs, including the 9.3 lbs battery. With a load rating of 400 lbs, the Euybike S4 can comfortably handle a significant amount of weight.

The Euybike S4 is not foldable which is perfectly fine considering its moped-style design, which prioritizes other features and functionality.


The Euybike S4 is priced at $1,399 on the website and falls into the mid-range price category.


The Euybike S4 has dimensions measuring 68″ x 51″ x 35″. It’s worth noting that the seat is not adjustable, but the handlebar can be adjusted which is good for different height preferences.



The Euybike S4 has a really nice styling that I appreciate. It somewhat resembles a super73 bike, which adds to its appeal.

In terms of wiring, the bike features a clean-looking external wiring, which gives it a neat and organized look.


Battery Pack

The Euybike S4 comes with a removable battery pack, which is a convenient feature. It is also lockable, ensuring the safety of the battery.

When it comes to charging, the battery requires approximately 9-10 hours to fully charge since the charger only provides 2Ah.

Overall, I found the battery to be highly dependable, providing the necessary power for long rides without any concerns. 


The Euybike S4 is equipped with a basic black-and-white LCD display. It does have a backlight, making it visible in various lighting conditions. However, it may be less visible in direct daylight.



The bike is equipped with Kenda brand tires, specifically 20x4in CST fat tires. These tires are designed for both urban riding and off-road adventures. They feature a knobby tread pattern, providing excellent traction and stability on various terrains.



The Euybike S4 is equipped with a bright 48V LED headlight that ensures visibility during the day. The headlight not only adds to the retro-style look of the bike but also provides ample illumination, which I really like.

In terms of lighting, the bike also features an integrated rear brake light, enhancing safety by making your presence known to others on the road.



The Euybike S4 boasts an IPX4 water resistance rating, which is not typically seen in bikes with lower IP2 ratings. This higher rating provides added reassurance and is really nice to have.


The Euybike S4 comes with a 1-year warranty. This ensures that any potential issues or concerns can be addressed during the first year of ownership. 

Euybike S4 Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the Euybike S4 in a similar style and performance

Euybike S4 vs Macfox X1

In terms of motor power, the Euybike S4 takes the lead with its 1000W motor, providing more torque and potential for faster acceleration compared to the Macfox X1’s 500W motor.

The top speed of the Euybike S4 outshines the Macfox X1, reaching a 28mph compared to the X1’s 25.4mph.

The battery capacity is another area where the Euybike S4 excels. With a larger 1200Wh battery, it offers a longer range of 75 miles, whereas the Macfox X1’s 500Wh battery provides a range of 38 miles.

In terms of weight, the Euybike S4 is slightly heavier at 34.5kg (76 lbs), while the Macfox X1 weighs 29.5kg (65 lbs). One notable advantage of the Euybike S4 is its dual suspension system, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride compared to the Macfox X1, which lacks suspension. The Euybike S4 is priced at $1,399, while the Macfox X1 is more affordable at $999.

Euybike S4 vs Engwe M20

Both bikes have the same motor power of 1000W, providing similar performance in terms of torque and acceleration.

For the top speed, the Euybike S4 takes the lead, reaching a maximum speed of 28mph, while the Engwe M20 has a top speed of 25mph.

The battery capacity is another area where the Euybike S4 surpasses the Engwe M20. With a larger 1200Wh battery, the Euybike S4 offers a significantly longer range of 75 miles compared to the M20’s 20 miles with its 624Wh battery.

When it comes to weight, both bikes are relatively similar, with the Euybike S4 weighing 34.5kg (76 lbs) and the Engwe M20 weighing 34.9kg (77 lbs).

In terms of suspension, both bikes have dual suspension system, offering enhanced shock absorption and a smoother ride. The Engwe M20 is priced at $1,299, making it slightly more affordable compared to the Euybike S4 at $1,399.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

Euybike S4 Macfox X1 Engwe M20
Motor 1000W 500W 1000W
Top Speed 28mph 25.4mph 25mph
Battery 1200Wh 500Wh 624Wh
Range 75miles 38miles 20 miles
Weight 34.5kg (76lbs) 29.5kg (65lbs) 34.9kg (77lbs)
Suspension Dual None Triple
Price $1,399 $999 $1,299


There are several aspects of the Euybike S4 that I really liked. The bike’s overall performance impressed me, along with its massive battery capacity and full suspension. I particularly enjoyed the stylish LED daytime headlight, which adds to the bike’s appeal. Considering its price of $1,399, it offers good value.

While the bike is great for daily city rides, one area that could be improved is the disc rotor size. I personally wish it had a 180mm disc rotor, but it’s not a major concern for urban riding.

Overall, the Euybike S4 has a really nice design that catches the eye. It’s a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and stylish e-bike.

Euybike S4 FAQs

Is the Euybike S4 suitable for riders of different heights?

Yes, the Euybike S4 features an adjustable handlebar, allowing riders of various heights to find a comfortable riding position. 

Can the Euybike S4 be ridden off-road?

Yes, the Euybike S4 is suitable for off-road riding thanks to its full suspension and durable tires. However, it’s important to ride responsibly and be aware of the terrain conditions.

Is the Euybike S4 eligible for any government incentives or rebates?

Government incentives and rebates vary depending on the location and local regulations. You should check with your local authorities or consult the manufacturer for information regarding incentives applicable to the Euybike S4.

What is the maximum weight capacity for the Euybike S4?

The Euybike S4 can handle a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs, making it suitable for riders of different sizes and carrying additional items or groceries if needed.

Euybike S4 Manufacturer's Specs

  • Brand: Euybike
  • Model: S4
  • Motor: 1200Wh
  • Max speed: 28mph
  • Battery: 48V 25Ah
  • Max Range: 75miles
  • Charging time: 9-10hrs
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake (Logan)
  • Suspension: Dual Suspension (Alloy front suspension, Mid-shock suspension)
  • Frame material: High-carbon steel
  • Max load: 400lbs
  • Display: LCD Display – Basic black and white
  • Tire size: 20x4in CST fat tires (Kendra)
  • Rider height: 5’7″-6’5″
  • Product weight: 76lbs (9.3lbs battery included)
  • Disc: 160mm rotor
  • Battery size: 13.8″ * 5.5″ * 3.6″
  • Torque: 96Nm
  • Transmission: 7-speed Shimano shifter
  • PAS level: 5 Pedal assist


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