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Thinking of purchasing your first electric bike that looks not far from a motorcycle? You’ll surely don’t want to miss the G-force ZM Pro electric bike. Providing a different look than a typical one, this bike is really something that should be part of your list! And don’t worry, this will not get your wallet empty.
As the G-force released their entry for the moped-style electric bike, the G-force ZM Pro, it surely got the attention of e-bike riders with a love for an adventure-looking one. The bike is priced under $2,000 but can surely go with its competitors.

The G-force ZM Pro is moped-style and close to being a motorcycle-looking one with its aggressive style including the attached metal plates on the side of its body. It also comes with a long saddle on a fixed seat post, so if you’re into having a passenger with your future rides, just insert a rear foot peg and you’re good to go with your adventures!

So today, I will share my experience with the G-force ZM and give you a detailed breakdown of its features and performance.

G-force ZM Pro Specs

Top Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Comes with a huge 48V 20Ah battery
Comes with an attractive LED headlight
Comes with a long and soft saddle
Great load capacity
Unique motor tank style battery
Fixed seat post
Massively heavy

Performance Review

The G-force ZM Pro is classified as a Class 3 electric bike due to its impressive top speed of 28mph. It has a moped-style design, giving it an aggressive motorcycle look that stands out.

The bike’s range of 37 miles on a single battery is decent, allowing for a good amount of riding before needing to recharge. However, it’s worth noting that the bike is massively heavy, weighing 80 lbs, which can be a bit cumbersome.

The G-force ZM Pro’s motor is rated at 750W nominal power and can peak at 1300W, providing ample power for enjoyable rides. The 20×4″ tires contribute to easy cornering and make it suitable for mid-terrain adventures.

While the bike performs well on flat grounds and mid-terrain, it struggles with inclines, and it’s not the best choice for steep uphill climbs without pedal assist.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
Acceleration (0 to 25 kph)
To be tested
Braking Distance (25 to 0 kph)
To be tested

Top Speed

I reached a top speed of 28mph, which classifies it as a Class 3 designation. I achieved this speed using the half-twist throttle, and a 26mph top speed on the 5th pedal assist level. I must say, it excels on flat roads, delivering a smooth and exhilarating ride. The combination of throttle and pedal assist options provides versatility and caters to different riding preferences.



The G-force ZM Pro’s acceleration felt smooth and steady, particularly on flat grounds, and it performed adequately on mid-terrain as well. I found the bike to be stable and responsive, with a bit of a delay when engaging the throttle. The torque of 86Nm provided ample power, for enjoyable riding.

Hill Climb

The G-force ZM Pro’s performance on inclines was a bit mixed. When relying solely on the throttle, I struggled with inclines, which impacted its climbing ability. However, with the assistance of pedal assist, particularly at the 5th level, it managed to handle inclines better. While it may not be the best choice for steep uphill climbs without pedal assist, the bike can manage inclines with some extra support. I would recommend utilizing the pedal assist mode for a smoother hill-climbing experience on the G-force ZM Pro.


The G-force ZM Pro’s range is okay, thanks to its dependable 48V 20Ah Samsung cell battery. I achieved a long 37 miles using the half-twist throttle with just one battery. If you opt to add another battery, the range could extend up to an impressive 70 miles, of course, it’s safe to say that you’ll purchase this bike with a single battery. I’d like to add that using a pedal assist may drain the battery faster than using the throttle alone. Regardless, the battery performance provides a reliable and sufficient power supply for long rides.

Ride Quality

I had a smooth and steady ride with the G-force ZM Pro, thanks to its full suspension and fat tires, which make the steering nimble and agile. The power delivery is responsive, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable riding experience. Cornering is effortless, thanks to the 20×4″ knobby tires providing excellent traction. 

The bike’s weight distribution is up to 400 lbs of excessive weight but I had no issue with the bike’s stability. I like the wide and soft saddle that enhances comfort during extended rides. The moped-style design adds a touch of adventure to the bike’s aesthetics, and with its powerful 750W nominal and 1300W peak motor, along with 5 pedal assist levels, the G-force ZM Pro is ready for any adventure ride you throw at it. I am impressed with the ride quality and performance of the G-force ZM Pro electric bike.



The G-force ZM Pro comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which always provide more reliable and effective stopping power than the mechanical one. The brand of the brakes, Rongun, may not be well-known, but they perform well for me. It’s okay to have a 160mm disc rotor, but I would have preferred a larger 180mm rotor for even better-stopping power. The presence of motor/power cut-off levers adds an extra layer of safety, giving a quick and immediate stopping when needed.



The G-force ZM Pro features a full suspension system with front and rear shocks. The front fork has a 110mm travel, providing a smooth and comfortable ride, especially on mid-terrain roads. The front suspension fork is also adjustable, with pre-load adjustment on the left and lockout on the right side, giving riders the flexibility to customize their riding experience. I’d say the bike is not ideal for full off-road adventures. 

The wide and soft saddle ensures a comfortable ride even without an adjustable seat post. The spacious saddle also allows for accommodating a rear passenger, if you have one, which is a great addition for those seeking adventure rides with a friend. I am pleased with the performance and comfort provided by the G-force ZM Pro’s suspension and saddle, making it a suitable choice for various riding conditions.


G-force ZM Pro

$1,699 on Amazon

*Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

G-force ZM Pro Features


The G-force ZM Pro features a sturdy frame made of silver aluminum with metal alongside the body, providing a good foundation for the bike. The bike itself is massively heavy, weighing 80 lbs, but it compensates with a high load rating of 400 lbs.

The bike doesn’t come with a rear rack, which might be a downside for those who prefer to carry extra items during their rides. I like the moped and motorcycle-like style of the bike, which adds a unique and adventurous touch to its overall appearance. The design and build make it a reliable option if you’re seeking a sturdy and robust electric bike for different terrains and purposes.


The G-force ZM Pro is available at a price of $1,699 on both the official website and Amazon. If you want the dual battery option, you’ll add an additional $300.


The G-force ZM Pro has decent portability overall, but there’s one notable drawback – the seat is not adjustable, and it remains fixed in its position. This can be a problem for you who may need to find an ideal riding posture for maximum comfort and stability. Of course, through time you’ll get used to the fixed seat and find a comfortable position to ride in.



The G-force ZM Pro’s styling is indeed eye-catching with its rugged motorcycle-inspired design, giving it a distinctive and adventurous look. Most of the wiring is external, the manufacturer has done a commendable job in keeping it neatly organized throughout the bike. There is only one color option available, and it’s black.


Battery Pack

The G-force ZM Pro’s battery is removable and lockable, providing convenience and security when charging or storing the bike. The charging time is taking around 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the 48V 20Ah 960Wh Samsung Cells battery. One notable feature is that the battery is located above the frame, giving it a unique appearance reminiscent of a motorcycle tank, which adds to the bike’s rugged and adventurous appeal.


The G-force ZM Pro comes with a large, colored LCD display that shows all the necessary details, including top speed, pedal assist level, and battery status. The display is not backlit and can be challenging to see in broad daylight. 



The G-force ZM Pro comes equipped with 20×4-inch fat tires that provide excellent stability and grip on various terrains. The tires are of good quality. The knobby tread design adds to its versatility, making it suitable for both urban and off-road adventures. Moreover, I appreciate the added puncture resistance feature, which provides peace of mind during rides in unpredictable conditions.



The G-force ZM Pro features a bright and attractive retro LED headlight that adds to the overall cool design of the bike. However, I was a bit disappointed to find that it lacks an integrated brake rear light, which could have enhanced safety during braking. Nonetheless, the headlight’s style and brightness are commendable, making night rides more enjoyable.



The G-force ZM Pro comes with an IP2 rating, which I not recommended for heavy rain conditions. While the bike may handle light moisture, it is not suitable for riding in heavy downpours or wet weather. It’s important to take this into consideration when planning your rides and ensure proper protection for the bike during adverse weather conditions.


The G-force ZM Pro comes with a 1-year warranty for the necessary parts of the bike.

Additional Accessory

The G-force ZM Pro comes with a few accessories to enhance the overall riding experience. It features plastic fenders on both the front and back, providing protection from mud and water splashes during wet rides. Additionally, the bike is equipped with a cool and loud electronic horn, which is a handy safety feature for alerting pedestrians and other road users.


G-force ZM Pro Alternatives & Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the G-force ZM in a similar style and performance

G-force ZM vs Happyrun Tank G50

Between the G-force ZM and the Happyrun Tank G50, both bikes have a 750W motor and can reach a top speed of 28 mph. The battery capacity is also the same at 960Wh. However, the Happyrun Tank G50 offers a longer range of 50 miles compared to the G-force ZM, which has a range of 37 miles. In terms of weight, the G-force ZM is heavier at 80 lbs, while the Happyrun Tank G50 weighs 34 kg (75 lbs). Both bikes have dual suspension, providing a smooth ride over various terrains. As for the price, the G-force ZM is priced at $1,699, while the Happyrun Tank G50 is priced lower at $1,299.

Overall, if you prioritize a longer range and a lighter weight, the Happyrun Tank G50 might be a better option for you. However, if you prefer the higher weight capacity and don’t mind paying a bit more, the G-force ZM could still be a good choice.

G-force ZM vs Euybike S4

Comparing the G-force ZM and the Euybike S4, there are some notable differences in their specifications. The G-force ZM has a 750W motor, while the Euybike S4 gives a more powerful 1000W motor. However, both bikes have the same top speed of 28 mph. When it comes to battery capacity, the Euybike S4 has a larger 1200Wh battery, providing a significantly longer range of 75 miles. In comparison, the G-force ZM has a 960Wh battery with a range of 30 miles. In terms of weight, the Euybike S4 is lighter, weighing 34.5 kg (76 lbs), while the G-force ZM weighs 80 lbs. Both bikes feature dual suspension, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains. As for the price, the Euybike S4 is more budget-friendly at $1,399, while the G-force ZM is priced slightly higher at $1,699.

In summary, if you prioritize a higher motor power and a longer range, the Euybike S4 would be a great option. On the other hand, if you need a higher weight capacity and are willing to pay a bit more, the G-force ZM could still be a suitable choice.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

G-force ZM Happyrun Tank G50 Euybike S4
Motor 750 W 750 W 1000W
Top Speed 28 mph 28 mph 28 mph
Battery 720 Wh 960 Wh 1200 Wh
Range 37 miles 50 miles 75 miles
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs) 34 kg (75 lbs) 35 kg (76lbs)
Suspension Dual Dual Dual
Price $1,699 $1,299 $1,399


There are several things I liked about this bike. Firstly, I really appreciate its overall appearance and moped-style design, which gives it a unique and stylish look. Additionally, having a full suspension and 20×4″ tires makes the ride smooth and comfortable. The wide and soft saddle is a great feature that adds to the comfort while riding. However, there are some areas that could be improved. I wish the bike had 180mm rotors for better braking performance, and it would be nice to have pegs for a rear passenger to ride comfortably. The LCD display is hard to see in broad daylight, which can be inconvenient. One thing that’s missing is a rear brake light, which would enhance safety during rides.

Overall, I find this bike to be a great option for both daily commuting and mid-off-road adventures. With some improvements, it can become an even better and more versatile ride.

G-force ZM Pro FAQs

Can I ride the G-force ZM Pro in off-road conditions?

While the G-force ZM Pro features fat tires and a full suspension system, it is not recommended for full off-road adventures. It is better suited for mid-terrain and urban riding.

Is the G-force ZM Pro suitable for long-distance commuting?

Yes, the G-force ZM Pro’s range of up to 37 miles with one battery (or up to 70 miles with two batteries) makes it a viable option for long-distance commuting.

Does the G-force ZM Pro come with a warranty for the battery?

Yes, the G-force ZM Pro comes with a warranty that covers the necessary parts of the bike, including the battery, for a duration of one year.

Can the G-force ZM Pro accommodate a rear passenger?

Yes, the spacious saddle of the G-force ZM Pro allows for accommodating a rear passenger, making it a great option for adventurous rides with a friend.

How many gears does the G-force ZM Pro have, and how easy is it to shift between them?

The G-force ZM Pro is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano shifter, and shifting between gears is very easy and efficient, providing a smooth riding experience.

G-force ZM Pro Manufacturer's Specs

  • Brand: G-force
  • Model: ZM 
  • Top speed: 28mph (45kph)
  • Top range: 30 miles
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Max load: 400lbs
  • Throttle: Half Twist
  • Transmission: 7-speed Shimano shifter
  • Torque: 86Nm
  • Brakes: Rongun brand Hydraulic disc brake
  • with tourney derailleur
  • Rotor: 160mm
  • Suspension: Full suspension-Dual crown suspension fork front-rear shock
  • Tires: 20×4″ mag wheels
  • Tire type: Knobby tires
  • Wheels: Bafang
  • Class: Class 3
  • Motor nominal: 750w Bafang motor
  • Motor Peak: 1300W
  • Battery: 48v 20Ah
  • Battery brand: Samsung cell
  • Charging time: 5-6hrs
  • Recommended height: 5’5″=6’5”
  • Display: Huge colored LCD-not battery
  • Saddle: Soft plain saddle
  • Fenders: front and rear (Plastic)
  • Lights: Bright LED and rear light (145mm)
  • Frame: Silver Aluminum with metal alongside the saddle
  • Colors: Black
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Pedal assist: 5 PAS
  • Sensor: cadence
  • IP: IP2


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