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The Maxfoot MF-30 a fat tire electric trike that doesn’t sacrifice quality, performance, or even looks to maintain its competitive tag in the electric trike industry. It can carry a whopping 450 pounds of stuff… and has plenty of cool features, including a huge Samsung battery and a Mozo front suspension.
Launched in 2019, Maxfoot is a relatively new player in the electric personal mobility industry. The folks there have made some really great electric bikes (and a trike) that are suitable for all ages… and for every kind of rider. However, what makes Maxfoot stand out is the value-to-money proposition they offer throughout their lineup. 

I have long wanted to review an electric trike… and recently I was fortunate enough to get hold of the Maxfoot MF-30. It is a fat tire electric trike that doesn’t sacrifice quality, performance, or even looks to maintain its competitive tag in the electric trike industry. In fact, it has lots of cool features like a huge Samsung battery, a Mozo front suspension, and a comfortable saddle with backrest to name a few. Let’s see what else it offers.

Maxfoot MF-30 Specs

Tested Speed*
Tested Range*
Max Load

*To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently under a rider weight of 150 lbs on flat terrain with little to no wind conditions, using a Magene GPS bike computer. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.


Great load capacity
Large Samsung battery
Waterproof rear bag
USB charging port
Reliable Mozo front fork
Poorly visible LCD
Brakes could be improved

Performance Review

The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a Bafang motor in the front wheel that runs on a 48-volt battery and has 750 watts of nominal power. You can ride it in 3 different ways: just like a regular bike, with help from the motor when you pedal, or can use a throttle to go fully electric. You can also pick from 5 levels of PAS (pedal assistance) to decide how much extra power you want while pedaling. This makes your ride easier and more efficient. The trike uses a cadence sensor to feel when you pedal, but sometimes there might be a tiny delay in how fast the power kicks in.

The Bafang 750 front-wheel hub motor is incredibly powerful, boasting a whopping 85 Newton meters of torque. However, because this motor is in the front wheel, you might experience some wheel slippage from time to time, especially when climbing steep hills on loose terrain. This is true for all electric bikes/trikes that use a front hub motor. During our testing, we did notice this happening, but the slippage was not too significant.

Performance Summary

Top Speed
31.4 miles
Acceleration (0 to 20mph)
17-18 seconds
Braking Distance (20mph to 0)
*to be tested


When I tried the Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike on straight roads, it sped up really quickly – thanks to its powerful 750W Bafang motor. I could go up to 20mph in about 17-18 seconds while riding on a smooth road with normal wind. Once I got going, the trike kept a steady speed for the whole ride after the quick start.

Top Speed

The Maxfoot MF-30 is shipped with Class 2 compliance, which means it can go up to 20mph. This speed is good for almost all kinds of situations. However, it’s worth noting that when cornering at high speeds, this electric trike can tip over to one side, turning into a two-wheeler. Again, this is common for just any three-wheeler!

Hill Climb

When I tried out the Maxfoot MF-30 on hills, I was quite amazed. Most of the hills I rode up were easy for it (thanks to the massive 85Nm torque output from the Bafang motor). But I did notice that when the hill got steeper, like around 20 degrees, I had to pedal a bit to help the trike. The RAEV Bullet GT that I recently tested still remains the king of hills, I must say!

Ride Quality

The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike really wants you to feel comfortable while you ride. It has a cushy and padded seat with a backrest, which provides good support during your rides. You can change the seat height and can adjust the handlebar to ride in the most ergonomic position. The handlebars are swept-back for upright riding, and provide all controls in an easy manner. And even though the trike has a front motor, the battery location (behind the seat post) nicely balances the weight.

The MF-30 also has 4” wide fat tires (that pack a lot of air) besides a front suspension that helps when the road is bumpy. It is also quite nimble and can execute impressively tight maneuvers with a turning radius that rivals a spinning top. This agility makes navigating through crowded spaces a breeze. However, when turning or cornering at high speeds, you’ll notice some tippy behavior. But as I said before, this is entirely typical for trikes, and if you’ve ever ridden one before, you’ll be familiar with this behavior.


The Maxfoot MF-30 is equipped with a 48-volt, 17.5-amp hour battery that’s capable of providing an estimated maximum range of 65 miles when using the lowest pedal assist setting (notwithstanding factors like the amount of gear loaded onto the rear rack, steep hills, and other variables). In my tests, I was able to go about 31.4 miles using both the throttle and pedal-assist on flat roads without any cargo. 

In case you’re looking for a super-long range option, the Aniioki A8 Pro Max has a huge 48V 60Ah battery (2,880Wh). Another option is the Bandit X-Trail Pro that also has a big battery!


The MF-30 is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, with 180 mm rotors on the front wheel and both rear wheels, totaling three discs. However, the braking performance is somewhat underwhelming (maybe due to the 90lbs weight). Hydraulic brakes would have been a better choice… but on the bright side, the brakes have motor inhibitor levers that instantly cut power to the motor when you use them.


The MF-30 features a front suspension from Mozo with 50mm travel and three 4-inch fat tires with ample air inside to cushion all kinds of surface irregularities. This ensures a smooth ride on pavement and provides enough suspension for light trail use. However, it’s important to remember that trikes can be a bit unstable on rugged hills, so it’s best to stick to city roads as much as possible. Maxfoot also offers dual suspension only in its MF-19 electric bike.


The Maxfoot MF-30 has a Shimano Tourney 7-speed chain transmission. Shifting between gears was smooth and in the lowest gear, the trike had enough power to climb any hill. However, since it’s a trike, the derailleur is positioned beneath the frame and hangs quite low to the ground (unlike ebikes). It means you would need to be cautious when riding on trails, as the derailleur may be more susceptible to impacts.

Maxfoot MF-30 Features


Talking about how much it costs, the Maxfoot MF-30 is one of the really impressive choices for electric trikes out there. It starts at $2,599… which might seem a bit pricey (compared to ebikes). But the price is actually in line with what you’d expect for an electric trike. The three wheelers tend to be on the higher end price-wise, and there’s no getting around that fact. Maxfoot however provides a great value for money. It also provides financing options and free shipping within the contiguous states.


The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a sturdy frame made from 6061 aluminum. It weighs 90lbs, and is really good at carrying weight too. The trike can handle up to 450lbs of weight, out of which the rear rack is rated for 100lbs. When it comes to styling, it has a step-through frame for easy mounting, external but neatly packed wires… and is available in 6 bright colors. Maxfoot also offers a super-stylish cruiser, in case you’re all about looks.


The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a 48V 17.5Ah battery with Samsung cells. It’s positioned behind the seat post, and you need to remove the entire post to take the battery out (which adds a few extra steps for charging the battery outside the frame). Apart from its large capacity, the battery position is another important highlight. Since the hub motor is in the front wheel, placing the battery at the rear helps balance the weight nicely. The battery is lockable and takes around 7 hours to charge.

LCD Display

The MF-30 has a 5-inch LCD, located in the middle of the handlebars. It helps you see your speed, how far you’ve gone, how much battery you have left, which pedal-assist mode you’re using, and all other stuff about your ride. The visibility of the screen might not be the best… but on the upside, it also has a USB port to let you charge your devices on the go.


The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a big basket in the front, and an ever bigger rack in the rear. The rear rack can carry a whopping 100 pounds of stuff, while the trike is rated for 450lbs. Plus, it’s strong enough to move all that weight and can go far without running out of power. You also get a waterproof rear basket bag with 40-litres of storage space to haul your gear with utmost peace of mind, irrespective of weather conditions.


In typical American style, the Maxfoot MF-30 has three fat tires that are 4 inches wide. The front tire has a dia of 24-inch, while the rear two tires measure 20-inch in diameter. Sourced from Chaoyang, these tires have knobby tread and wear-resistant build to tackle every challenge. They’re great at gripping onto surfaces like sand, snow, and mud. Plus, they make your ride feel comfortable by soaking up the bumps on the road or trails and stopping all vibrations from reaching you.


The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a LED light in front, so it can help you see where you’re going when it’s dark out. There’s also a rear light that makes sure people can see you better when you’re on the road. You also have plenty of reflectors for added safety.


The Maxfoot MF-30 comes with lots of extra things to make your ride both fun and safe. It has reflectors on the pedals and wheels so you’re easy to see on the road; a mechanical bell to alert others of your presence; and a front fender to keep you from getting wet or muddy. Oh, and don’t forget the waterproof basket bag for the rear rack!


The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a warranty that lasts for 12 months. It takes care of almost every part on the trike. If you want to know more, you can check out Maxfoot’s official website where they have explained all terms and conditions about the warranty.


After reviewing the Maxfoot MF-30 fat tire electric trike, I’m absolutely smitten with it. This incredible three-wheeler is remarkable when it comes to value for money. It not only performs great but it also offers a wide range of features that put it in a leading position among its. What makes it stand out immediately is its huge Samsung battery, its Mozo front suspension, and its sturdy 4” tires. 

If you plan on carrying a substantial amount of gear with you, the MF-30 offers the storage capacity, power, and range to make it a worthwhile choice. It has a big basket in the front, a super-roomy rack in the rear, and a whopping load capacity of 450 pounds. Plus, it’s strong enough to move all that weight and can go far without running out of power. For the downsides, I really wish Maxfoot had used hydraulic brakes and improved the visibility of the display…but despite these minor drawbacks, the MF-30 is still a standout option in the electric trike market.

With this, I’ll sign off. In case you’re looking for something on two wheels, you can explore these top ebike picks under $2,000, under $1,000, or under $500! Happy riding!

Maxfoot MF-30 Alternatives & Competitors

If you’re considering exploring other choices, here are two primary alternatives worth considering that fall within the same price range as the Maxfoot MF-3 electric trike.

Maxfoot MF-30 Vs DWM IGI 3 Wheel

These two electric trikes share similar motor power and top speed. The Maxfoot MF-30, however, has a longer range despite having a slightly smaller battery compared to the DWM IGI 3 Wheel. The Maxfoot MF-30 is also lighter and has a higher load rating, making it a practical choice for hauling heavy cargo. Moving on, both trikes feature front suspension, rear racks, and are priced really competitively. 

Maxfoot MF-30 Vs Addmotor M-360

Both the Maxfoot MF-30 and Addmotor M-360 offer powerful 750W motors and front suspension. The Addmotor M-360 provides a slightly higher top speed, longer range, and a larger battery. On the other hand, the Maxfoot MF-30 has a higher load rating, and is much more affordable, compared to the Addmotor M-360. The Maxfoot MF-30 also is more stylish and has a bigger rear rack!


Maxfoot MF-30 DWM IGI 3 Wheel Addmotor M-360 
Motor 750W 750W 750W
Top Speed 20mph 20mph 22mph
Battery 17.5Ah 18.2Ah 20Ah
Range 31.4 miles 30.5 miles 35 miles
Weight 90lbs 99 lbs 86 lbs
Load Rating 450lbs 330lbs 380lbs
Price $2,599 $2,499 $2,999

Maxfoot MF-30 FAQs

Does the Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike come assembled?

The Maxfoot MF-30 arrives partially assembled. The rest of the assembling process is very easy and you can learn it from this detailed tutorial.

How much weight can the Maxfoot MF-30 handle?

The MF-30 has a sturdy aluminum alloy frame designed to carry a load of up to 450lbs. So, it’s good for riders who weigh a lot… as well as for those who need to carry a lot of stuff with them.

Can taller riders comfortably use the Maxfoot MF-30?

The Maxfoot MF-30 electric trike has a height-adjustable saddle and an angle-adjustable handlebar. Because of this feature, it’s a good fit for riders whose height is between 5’2” and 6’4”.

Manufacturer's Specs

  • Motor: 750W Front Hub
  • Max Speed: 28mph – Class 3
  • No. of Assist Levels: 5
  • Battery: Samsung 48V 17.5AH Lithium Battery
  • Max Range: 50-65+ Miles with PAS 1
  • Charging Time: 6-7 Hours 
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes (180mm) with Cut-Off
  • Front Suspension: Maxfoot 50mm Max Travel Suspension Fork
  • Lights: Integrated Headlight and Brake Light
  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy 
  • Net Weight: 90lbs (with Battery)
  • Max Load: 450lbs (Rear Rack 100lbs)
  • Transmission: Shimano Tourney 7-speed 
  • Display: Maxfoot 5 Inch LCD Display With USB Port
  • Tire Size: Front 24×4.0″ / Rear 20×4.0″
  • Rider Height: 5’2″ – 6’4″


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